Inner Beauty

Karyn discovers how to love herself as she is and find her inner queen.

Karyn sighed as she headed for the break room. Another day, another eight dollars an hour, working for the retail meat grinder. The only thing that could break her out of the mental slump she was in, other than a good fuck, was a run. Since she hadn’t had the former in over a year, she reckoned that the latter was the best she could hope for.

She grabbed the backpack from her locker and hustled for the staff bathroom. It gave her more room to change and some privacy. Changing in a shared restroom wasn’t something she felt comfortable with. The lock clicked behind her and set her bag on the counter. Thankfully, the person who designed this room did it with changing in mind. She sat on the bench, unlaced her low hiking boots, and kicked them to the side. She skinned the white socks off, briefly massaging her feet as she did. It felt so good to be out of those blocky horrors. The company she sold them for painted themselves as putting out equipment for the serious hiker, but she couldn’t imagine wearing them outside of being paid for it and absolutely not on a trail somewhere.

She stood and shucked out of the khaki cargo shorts and beige cotton underwear in one smooth motion. It was good to get some air down there, too. Finally, she pulled the three button golf shirt over her head and stood in nothing but the plain beige sports bra. She consciously avoided the mirror across from her. She knew she wouldn’t find anything she liked there.

Hurrying to cover her naked body, lest she finds something else to hate, she pulled the bright purple running dress from her bag and pulled it over her head. It hugged her body just enough to give her the illusion of curves, making her feel sexier than most clothes she had. She also loved the freedom of movement it gave her when she ran. She took the final bit of exercise kit out of her bag. The Vibram Five Fingers matched her dress. They were like gloves for her feet and when she first got them, she thought they looked ridiculous. They fit like a dream though and were as close to running barefoot as she felt comfortable getting.

She shoved her day clothes in the pack and threw it over her shoulders, snugging the straps in place to keep it from sliding around. It was one of the few good things her company sold, a pack designed specifically for joggers and trail runners. It had enough room for her clothes without the hydration bottle. On her run to and from work, she really didn’t need the extra water. A quick finger comb through her hair and she was as ready as she was going to be. She left the bathroom and began walking through the store to the exit, hoping she wouldn’t catch anyone’s attention.

A low whistle from behind her told her that she’d failed. “Looking good, Karyn. Out for your evening run?”

She turned to face Chuck, the stocker, or was that stalker? He managed to make everything sound like a pickup line. As lame as they were, she knew he’d slept with most of the women at the store and a few customers. He was tall and built like the models from their catalogs. She felt a tingle between her legs that she hated herself for. She couldn’t blame any of those women, even if he was a monumental prick. If the rumors were true, he had one too.

“No, Chuck, I thought I’d go to the club dressed like this. It’s the latest fashion.” This, she thought to herself, was precisely why she hadn’t been one of his “conquests”. She couldn’t hide her contempt for him. No matter how much part of her would have liked to find out just how hung he was, she couldn’t imagine being with a man that looked at women just like he was looking at her right now.

“I’m going to The Pulse after work. We could get a drink, then maybe head back to my place.” Chuck also wasn’t that bright.

She shook her head. “No thanks. It’s a run and an early bedtime for me. I’ve got to be back here first thing in the morning.” She hoped he didn’t check the schedule. She wasn’t due back until day after tomorrow.

Before he could answer, she turned and picked up her pace to get out of the store and into the cool evening air. Thankfully the store had an entrance that didn’t require her leaving through the mall proper. She wanted to be away from humanity for at least the next half hour. It would take that long to run to the gym. She’d hit the machines for a quick upper body, take a shower, and be home by eight. She was glad that her apartment was an easy walking distance from the gym. Her whole life consisted of making that circuit, except for the days she was off.

Anger at Chuck’s proposal fueled her and she quickly moved from a warm-up jog to a full run. She knew the only reason he’d been turning up the pressure on her was because she was the last woman at work that he’d been unsuccessful with. She’d overheard them giggling, like the overgrown boys they were, about how likely it was that she was a lesbian. He proposed that he could convert her if that was the case.

She guessed she couldn’t blame them for wondering. She hadn’t had a date in all the time she had worked there. The last time she’d been with someone it had been a complete disaster. He was a sweet guy that worked at the game shop and when she saw him in the food court, she had to wince at how young he was.

She worked hard to push all thoughts along those lines out of her head. Relationships were nothing but trouble and one night stands were usually worse. It was better to be single than to face rejection or end up finding someone only to break up six months later.

She quickened her pace again, enjoying the feel of her feet contacting the sidewalk through the thin rubber soles. The jolt worked its way up her legs and through her core. The lycra hugged her body, not brushing anything intimately, and still her nipples stiffened. This was her sex, running her release. Even masturbation usually didn’t give her the high that a good five-kilometer run did.

Like sex, it was all over too quickly and left her pussy a little damp and ready for more. The double doors opened for her and she entered the brightly lit temple to women’s fitness. Making the decision to join an all woman’s club was a no-brainer. Most of the co-ed gyms she’d looked into were meat markets.

“Hi, Karyn!” Sheila called to her from behind the front desk. The young lady wore jet black hair to below her shoulders and a variety of facial jewelry that screamed Goth. It was at odds with the brightly colored tee-shirt, but somehow the combination worked for her. “Good to see you, again.” She stressed the last word.

Karyn laughed. “Your friendly neighborhood gym rat, reporting for duty.” She sketched a small salute.

“Seriously girl, you haven’t missed a day, in…” She tapped at the computer. “The last month! You don’t get frequent flier miles or anything.” She slid a towel and washcloth she had retrieved from under the counter, across to Karyn.

Karyn took the linens. “I know. I’m getting ready for that triathlon in six weeks. I’m shooting for the top ten.”  She waved and walked out onto the floor. It was a bit on the small side. There were a dozen machines of various types, from stationary bikes to high tech Nautilus gear. There was even a small area for free weights. Around the edges were doors that lead to a spin studio and some open rooms for Zumba and yoga.

She was shocked to see that the floor was practically empty. Other than Brenda, the trainer on duty, there was only one person on the main deck. It was an older black lady riding her stationery at a pace that would get her nowhere fast.

Karyn chuckled at her own pun and turned to the desk. “Where is everyone?”

Sheila shrugged. “A new place opened up down the road, called The Pulse.”

Apparently, Chuck wasn’t that stupid.

“They undercut us by about five bucks a month and even stole some of our staff.” She shrugged her broad shoulders. “We’ll get some of them back, but for now it’s easier for me to study.” She tapped a biochem book sitting nearby.

Karyn smiled, biting back a comment about the book’s being closed. “Oh well, a quiet workout will be good.”

She moved to begin her upper body circuit. She was mindful of her lack of underwear, but these machines didn’t put her at much risk for exposure. On days that she worked her legs, she always packed a pair of yoga pants. The stations passed quickly since she didn’t have to wait on anyone. She finished the second rep of her shoulder press when she felt someone nearby. “I’ll be done in a second.”

“Take your time.” Karyn instantly recognized Brenda’s slight Austrian accent. The trainer had lost most of it during the twenty years she’d been in the states. What was left of it made her sound more cultured, and somehow more authoritarian. “Good form.”

Karyn craned her neck around. “Oh, hey Brenda. Thanks.” She smiled and nodded demurely.

“I mean it, you’re looking good. I know running’s your thing and you’ve never liked these machines, but you’ve taken to them and it’s showing. I think you’re going to kick that triathlon’s ass.”

Karyn settled back into the machine, a little self-conscious about the praise and being watched, particularly by the curvaceous Valkyrie. Brenda had been a serious bodybuilder back in the day, but she dropped out, sick of all of the steroid abuse.

The final rep finished, Karyn stood and wiped down her station. She gestured to the seat. “You can have it now.”

Brenda shook her head. “No, thanks. I’m done for the day. They’re cutting back on my hours.”

“Damn, that stinks. Sorry to hear that.” The two women walked to the changing rooms.

“It’s alright. I’m not hurting for money. I work here mostly for the free gym time and to find some good friends. I’m two for two.” She chuckled. “Though some of those friends are up the street, now.”

“The economy, what are you gonna do?”

Karyn sat her bag down in front of her locker and fiddled with the combination. It clicked open and she pulled out a fresh change of clothes, depositing her backpack in their place. By the time she turned around, Brenda was naked and checking her face in the mirror.

Karyn never knew what to do with people like Brenda. The trainer was as comfortable naked as she was clothed. All that time sharing locker rooms on tours had something to do with it, no doubt. She took a second to admire the woman’s body. It was a testament to years spent in sculpting muscle, but her physique lacked the more angular quality you saw in some bodybuilders, retaining its curves. Still, Brenda was no young woman and gravity had begun to take its toll here and there.

She was surprised at the warmth she felt between her legs, as her eyes roamed over Brenda’s skin. By the time she made it all the way up, she realized that at some point Brenda had noticed. The warmth quickly traveled north to her face. “Sorry, I…” She had no idea what to say.

“Sweetheart, don’t worry about it. I’m flattered. Being appreciated never gets old.”

“I’m not a… you, know, a lesbian.”

Brenda shrugged, which did amazing things for her breasts. “Admiring another woman doesn’t make you gay, Karyn, even if she happens to be naked. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the body I used to have.”

Part of her found boldness in the permission to look. “Well I don’t know what kind of body you used to have, but I think you’re beautiful as you are now.” Now that Brenda had turned, Karyn could see that there were no tan lines anywhere on the trainer’s brown body. She also didn’t prescribe to the waxing phenomenon that even Karyn had fallen prey too. Her bush was trimmed short but covered her mound.

“You’re no slouch, my dear.” Brenda took a step forward. “I’ve been meaning to talk about that with you. You really should consider going to some of the amateur tournaments. It would take a lot of work to get you to competition level, but you’ve got the dedication.”

The idea of posing half-naked in front of strangers was alien to her. “No. I don’t have the body or the beauty to pull that off.”

“Nonsense.” Brenda snorted. “You’re a gorgeous creature and anyone who tells you otherwise is foolish.”

Karyn realized that the woman was starting to invade her personal space. She hadn’t been this close to a naked woman, carrying on a conversation, since she didn’t know when. Maybe when she used to take showers with her mother. Her face felt like it was approaching the point of spontaneous combustion.

Brenda now stood nearly toe to toe with Karyn. She could smell the older woman’s dried perspiration and something muskier just underneath that. She forced her head up so that she saw more than breasts. They were nearly the same height, Karyn having to look up a bit to stare into ice blue eyes. There was something in them that hadn’t been there before. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but whatever it was had transformed a woman in her early fifties, a softening retired athlete, into the goddess she once was.

Where Karyn had felt a tingle before, there was now a dull throbbing and a slickness that she hadn’t felt in too long. “I’m not a…”

Brenda lay a finger across Karyn’s lips. “If you were, it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m not. What or who you want to sleep with doesn’t matter. If you want someone, you have to believe that you’re worth wanting. You come here and you work on making your body fit, more beautiful. Until you believe that you are sexy, you won’t be. As your trainer, I want to give you a new assignment. Try to envision yourself as the beautiful woman others see.”

Her trainer took the finger back and replaced it with her full lips. The kiss was chaste, but a little more than friendly. Brenda left her there, staring slack-jawed.

Eventually, Karyn found herself in the shower, naked and running soapy hands across her smooth skin. Was she beautiful? She could feel the layers of muscle she had been working on. She cupped her small breasts, teasing the already sharply erect nipples. She let her hands wander down to her stubble covered mound, uncertain where slickness from the soap stopped and her own natural lubrication began. Teasing her clit and shivering at the contact, she thought about the look in Brenda’s eyes. The tigress was free because she had seen the desire in Karyn’s eyes.

A groan drew her away from her own ministrations. It was almost the kind of sound you made after a good stretch, but there was a lingering quality. Karyn wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the plentitude of soap and hot water.

She returned to her clit, letting one finger circle it, while the other went back to teasing a nipple. She brought herself to the edge, thinking about the kiss that could have happened out there, more passionate than one shared by friends. The memory of that musky scent and the thought of it filling her nose and what it might taste like nearly pushing her over.

She raised her left leg, putting it on the shower seat and pushed her right index finger all the way in, flicking at her clit with her left hand. She thought about what it would be like, running her hands through Brenda’s blond mane of hair, as the other woman’s teeth and tongue replaced Karyn’s fingers.

She imagined full lips sucking hard on her clit, a tongue occasionally flicking out. Would Brenda slide two fingers into Karyn’s hot, juicy cunt? Three? She would pump her hand in and out slowly at first. Then faster and faster. Karyn imagined turning over and presenting her ass to the blond goddess.

The hand would adjust to the new position and hot breath would bathe her ass. Slick hands spread muscular cheeks and something warm and wet circled the tight sphincter. She’d never had her ass eaten out before but she had a toy that hit the right spot in that area. She groaned as she thought about how Brenda’s thick, strong tongue would feel probing her ass. More fingers inserted themselves into her cunt and other pulled and stroked her clit. Her head felt like it was going to explode if she didn’t come soon.

A high pitched keening escaped her tightened lips as the contractions began. She had as many fingers as she could jammed inside herself. She sat on the edge of the shower seat and her feet were planted on the opposite wall. As she came hard and long, she thought about how it would be to eat out another woman while a thick hard cock exploded inside her.

Loud grunts escaped her mouth as all the muscles in her stomach clenched. The last shred of propriety she had fled. “Fuck fuck fuck.” Her pussy pulsed around her fingers. It wasn’t enough but it would have to do.

When it was over, she sat on the warm tile seat, letting the falling water sluice away soap and sweat. Fantasizing about being with other women was new to her. Did that make her a lesbian? If she was did that matter? She didn’t think so. She stood languidly and turned the water off.

Her towel waited just outside on its hook. She wrapped it around her body and walked out of the shower area, half hoping Brenda was still there if nothing else so she could thank her. No eastern European goddess waited for her, just an empty bathroom. With a shrug, she put on her walking home togs; a simple pair of blue jeans over a black thong and a deep jade loose fitting top.

There was no makeup in her bag or locker. A quick comb through her unruly hair and she was as ready to return to her empty apartment as she ever was. Then something caught her attention in the mirror. It was a glint in her eye that hadn’t been there before. She’s seen it in a shade of blue just twenty minutes ago.

She was sexy, a tigress. Maybe she’d go to that club after all. Whether it was a Chuck or a Brenda that waited for her, or even just a night out on her own, she had homework to do.


  1. Veronica Stiles

    I love stories centered around the gym. I’m at the gym quite often, so many of my fantasies are of women in the locker room or being locked in late at night with another member. I have many more of your stories to read, but really LOVED this one!

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