300×300+300 – “Seduced by the Satyr” by Aimée Maroux

This is the first guest post for my new series called “300×300+300”. Take a picture approx 300 pixels on a side and pair it with a three hundred word story. Then send it my way! Enjoy.

Satyr Nymph Sex

Chrysis struggled against the satyr, but there was no escape. Not that she wanted to. She enjoyed the warmth of his body and the strength of his arms. He roughly grabbed her arse, lifting her easily. His cock tapped against her buttocks, moist and warm and hard as the horns springing from his forehead. She slung both arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist, crossing them just above his tail. He nibbled her neck and licked her cleavage while he guided his cock towards her entrance. Chrysis was already wet with anticipation. Still, she gasped when he pushed his fat tip into her. His cock was not exceptional for a satyr, but ridiculously large for a human.

“Slow down, you horny satyr! I can’t take all of you just yet.”

He gave her an impatient look, his amber eyes filled with lust. “What are you, a virgin?”

He did listen, though, starting with small, almost gentle thrusts, stretching and widening her cunt for his beastlike cock. She moaned, throwing her head back in ecstasy as he licked the sweat off her breasts, his thrusts continually deeper and faster. She felt as if pure lightning was running through her veins.

“Ohhh, by Bakkhos and all gods of Olympos this feels divine!”

“Ohhh yes!” he joined in.

She felt him getting even harder, riding herself up and down his length and his sucking on her stiff, hard nipples made her even crazier with lust. “Faster!” she commanded and he was happy to comply. Her skin clashed against his fur, her breasts rocking in the rhythm of their love-making. She shuddered as she came, her sheath clenching the thick shaft of her partner who cried out too, puttering his come against her walls, making her climax a second time.

Aphrodite_010_by_askarAuthor Bio: Aimée Maroux is a lover of mythology, erotica and fantasy. As a writer, she combines those passions into a diverse collection of erotic short stories. Being an obsessive researcher, most of her works contain footnotes, expanding upon life in the ancient world and references to myths. You can find more of her writing on her erotic mythology blog: http://erotic-mythology.over-blog.com/

Follow her on Twitter for excerpts from her erotica stories and ancient erotic art – cocks, vulvae and sex scenes.

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