Why Do I Write Erotica?

I got asked this question a few times recently and it made me think. I’ve been a writer far longer than my Amazon page would indicate. Several years ago, a friend of mine who had a podcast put out calls for stories. I decided to see if I could, just as a lark. I loved it. That was the match that lit a long-smoldering flame.

Time passed and another friend, Nobilis Reed, put out that he was looking for writers for his podcast. He’s a paying market and I wanted to see if I could make the cut. It took time and a couple of drafts, but I did. Now I knew my work in that realm was good enough to pass muster. The question was, did I want to do more of this or was I satisfied?

One thing I can never be as a writer is “satisfied”. I always want to push myself harder and see what I can do next. I love writing all kinds of things. It looked like this was next on the list.

I’ve always viewed erotica, comedy, and horror to be kissing cousins. While they’re all “genres” none of them are really genres in my mind. At least not in the same way science fiction or fantasy or mysteries are. The main purpose of writing in those three areas is to elicit a specific physical/emotional response. The trick, in my mind, is to do it in a way that involves some brain matter on the part of the writer at least.

It’s easy to go for the shock or the pun or the hardcore explicit material. You’ll get what you want. What’s not easy is to make these things artistic, layered, nuanced. I don’t think more highly of myself than I should. I’m not saying I have the talent to do it. But what I am saying is, if I do then why shouldn’t I want to turn people on in a way that’s entertaining on multiple layers?

So, in a nutshell, that’s why I want to write erotica. I want to learn how to make people laugh, squirm, moan, and perhaps all three at once. This is the latest step towards that end. Only time will tell if I can make that happen.

How about you, gentle reader? Why do you write it, if you do?


  1. Aimée Maroux

    I’ve always written stories ever since I learned to write. But I started writing erotica about 6 years ago, when I discovered the kink meme of a fandom popular at the time. People could anonymously request and post their stories and after consuming a lot, I wanted to give it a shot myself. When I am inspired, I see a scene unfolding like a little film. I wanted to capture that, making the audience see what I was seeing. I became quite active and experimented with lot of different genres. Then, kink memes died. I briefly considered publishing erotica back then, but the stories were too solidly based in the source material to be “easy money”. Also, I wrote them originally to share enjoyment with others, so I probably would have felt bad about it had I published them.

    I really missed writing erotica after the kink meme died, so I decided to write what I love (mythology) and publish it. And that’s how I became a (self-)published author and an erotica writer 🙂

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