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Sometimes an image comes across my feed that undoes me. This is one (if anyone knows where it comes from, let me know). Everything about this is sexy as hell. So I challenged a couple of my gal pal writers who are into such things to put fingers to pussy keyboard and send it to me. Thankfully KC Bloom had something already written.  

For those who don’t know, KC is a gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, talented writer and also happens to be a member of my future harem, though she doesn’t know it yet.

Here’s the link to her Amazon author page:  


“Oh let me guess,” the woman looked into the younger girl’s eyes. “You’re one of those sorority pledges and you’re here because you need to pass some sort of sexy test, am I close?”

The cute little redhead blushed.

“Is it that obvious?”

The woman laughed. “Well you do look a little lost in this lesbian bar if I’m honest, so yeah, it is kinda obvious, plus it always happens around this time of year. What are you supposed to do?”

“I have to make a snapchat video of me making out with a woman and send it to one of the sisters.”

“Ah that’s not too bad, they’re going easy on you girls these days. You know I should be mad at you sorority girls coming here to where real lesbians are trying to have fun, so you can pull this ‘I kissed a Girl’ crap just to turn on some horny frat boys but…”

“But?” The redhead looked up intrigued.

“Well I have a thing for little redheads with perky tits like you.”

The girl blushed as the woman’s eyes lingered on her cleavage.

“Oh why… thank you, so you’ll do it? I really want to join the sorority and it would mean so much to me.”

“Well in that case, how can I say no to a girl in need.” Let’s go sit down at that corner booth, the light’s ok there and we’d have a little privacy, get your phone ready. I’m Cynthia by the way, what’s your name?”


“Well follow me Lola and get your cute lips ready.”

They sat down and Lola got her phone out from her purse and started nervously pressing on the touch screen.

“Here, let me do it Lola, I think my hands are more steady.”

“Thank you… I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous.”

“Would you like a drink first? To help with the nerves? They’re not going to serve you anything with alcohol in here, but you can have a sip of mine if you like.”

“No thank you, I’m good, I’m ready now.”

Cynthia held the phone up in an angle and pressed her finger on the record button. She looked at Lola, she was a real cutie and it had been a while since she made out with a college freshman, but she was in the mood for a little fun. She bit her lips and leaned in and placed her lips on Lola’s. The girl didn’t move away, she was impressed. She actually responded to the kiss and Cynthia parted her lips and sucked on Lola’s lower lip. They made out for a few seconds until the phone beeped. Lola licked her lips and blushed. Cynthia grinned at her and held the phone out to her.

“Let’s watch the playback before you send it.” They looked at the screen and Lola studied it carefully.

“It’s not bad, but… do you mind going again? I think I can do better…” Cynthia raised an eyebrow. She liked this girl.

“Sure why not, you want to impress those chicks right? How about we give it a little tongue? Just for effect you know.”

“That’s a good idea, if you don’t mind?” Cynthia laughed.

“Oh cutie, I don’t mind at all!”

They got into position again, Cynthia winking over to a friend of hers who had watched the whole thing. Her friend rolled her eyes but gave her a thumbs up. They kissed more aggressively this time, both parting their lips, letting their tongues slide against each other, it was a wet sloppy kiss and Cynthia was very much impressed by the young girl. The both leaned back, looking at each other like they really saw each other for the first time. Cynthia touched her lips with the back of her hand.

“Wow yeah I think that was much better don’t you think?” Lola bit her lip and swooned a little before speaking.

“I think that was perfect, mmmmm kissing a girl is nice, if I had known that I would have done it sooner.”

“You’ve never made out with a girl? You’re pretty good at it.”

Lola blushed. “You think so?”

“Oh yes, I do.”

They watched the video and it was as hot to look at as it had been to film. Lola sent it and sighed with relief.

“This should be enough to get me into Alpha Beta Kappa. Thank you so much Cynthia, normally they give you a task that is really embarrassing, but I really enjoyed this, your lips are very soft.”

“You’re cute Lola, I was glad to help out.”

“If you don’t think it’s weird, would you mind if I kissed you again? Not for the camera, just for myself, to say thank you?”

“I wouldn’t mind that at all Lola.”

“Good, ‘cause I really want to kiss you again.”

She quickly leaned forward and her wet lips met Cynthia’s, Lola kissed her passionately and slid her tongue into the woman’s mouth, chasing hers, her hands moving along Cynthia’s arms. The woman was surprised but didn’t miss a beat. She placed her arm on Lola’s back so she was shielded from view and then her hand moved over Lola’s breast and gave it a good squeeze. The girl moaned but they didn’t stop kissing. Someone walked by them and coughed sarcastically. They both backed off each other and gasped for air.

“Oh my…” Cynthia was almost left speechless, she hadn’t acted like this in public in ages, the little red firecracker had really gotten her going. She let her eyes wander over the girls’ body and she realized that she wanted her.

“Do you think your sisters would be impressed if you could tell them the story of something sexier than just a kiss?”

Lola looked at her, mischief in her eyes.

“I think so, what do you have in mind?”

“Well there is a bathroom just around the corner, would you like to freshen up a bit?”

“Ooooh, you mean… oooh, I…,” she touched her lips, looked at Cynthia and then grinned.

“Fuck it, yes! This is what going to college is about isn’t it? Having some fun?” Cynthia just nodded and took Lola’s hand and lead her to the bathroom. She ignored the whistle of her friend, she wanted this girl, she wanted her bad. Luckily it was a week night and the bar wasn’t full of people. The bathroom was empty and she pulled Lola into the bathroom stall furthest from the door. She closed the cabin door behind her and looked at the girl in her tight top, her cleavage shining in the blue bathroom light. She hesitated.

“Are you sure about this Lola, you’ve never been with a girl and this isn’t exactly the most romantic spot for your first time.”

Lola took a step towards, reached for Cynthia’s hand and placed it on her breast.

“Fuck romance, I’ve never been with a girl, but that doesn’t mean I’m a virgin, now kiss me, please.”

Cynthia took off her leather jacket and let it fall on the floor before taking a step forward, pressing the girl against the bathroom wall and kissing her hard. Her knee slid between Lola’s leg and she lifted it up. Lola moaned as she felt the knee against her pussy. Cynthia’s hands caressed Lola’s tits, squeezing playfully before lifting Lola’s top over her head. She squeezed her tits harder while they kissed passionately. Lola’s hand slid under Cynthia’s top and found her small breasts, touching them, exploring. Cynthia took a step back, getting rid of her shirt and unhooking her bra. Lola unhooked hers and they pressed their bodies against each other, Lola’s perky boobs pressing against Cynthia’s small tits. Their hard nipples rubbing against each other. They moaned.

“You feel so good Lola.”

“Mmmm I wanted you the moment I came in. You look so sexy.” The kissed harder. Cynthia grabbed Lola’s hips and turned her around, pressing her against the wall.

“Unzip your Jeans Lola,” she commanded.

Lola’s fingers fumbled for the button. Cynthia urgently pulled Lola’s jeans down over her ass and her fingers slid between Lola’s legs. Lola was already wet and welcoming Cynthia’s fingers. She moaned. Cynthia reached for Lola’s tits with her other and squeezed, feeling Lola’s hard nipples against the palm of her hand.

“Oh god yes, that feels so good!” Cynthia wanted nothing more than to be inside this girl, but there was something she wanted more. She grabbed Lola’s hips again and pulled her back two steps.

“Bend down and put your hands on the wall.” Lola did as she was told, her bum pointed at Cynthia. Cynthia bent down, slapping the sexy ass, groping it and then she got on her knees and placed her face between Lola’s cheeks. Lola screamed with surprise, a scream filled with lust. She steadied herself against the wall, pushing her bum back to meet Cynthia’s tongue, feeling it against her wet pussy, moaning as the older girl started to lick her. Half an hour earlier she would have never guessed how this evening would turn out, but she couldn’t wait to tell her sorority sisters about the hot lesbian that fucked her in a public bathroom. She focused back on Cynthia’s tongue, moaning as she felt it licking her pussy, feasting on her juices.

“Oh god Cynthia… I’m so close…” This only made Cynthia go faster and suddenly a wave of pleasure ran through Lola’s entire body, her knees gave in and she got on her knees, moaning, as she felt Cynthia’s hand on her pussy, her lips against her neck, hearing her breath into her ear.

“You taste so fucking good little girl.” Lola tried to catch her breath, her heart beating in her chest. This was amazing. She couldn’t wait to be part of a sorority with other girls, she was sure this wasn’t her last lesbian experience. She leaned her head back, they kissed, sloppy kisses, then she gazed at Cynthia, looking at the sexy lean lesbian with admiration, then she grinned.

“I think I’ll take that drink now.”


  1. rudenugly

    KC is absolutely brilliant, as always!!
    Sexy and exciting!!
    I love to see how two of my favorite authors are such close friends, and it’s a blessing for us readers!!

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  2. Posy Churchgate

    She really took this prompting picture somewhere sexy and hot! Wonderfully crafted erotica, I shall definitely follow the link to see more of KC’s writing. Thanks for letting her guest Sorcha, you’re a babe!

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