REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY! “Watch and Learn – A Lesbian Story” By Ava Sterling

watch and learn Synopsis

She learns from the best on how to be a lesbian.

When Rhia and Ashleigh go dresser shopping at a yard sale, they find the perfect piece. It’s a gaudy thing, but then, that’s to be expected when its original owner is a filmmaker.

Once they have it inside, Rhia is putting away clothes when she notices a mysterious knob inside a drawer. When she opens it, she finds a stash of lesbian movies.

I was recently introduced via Twitter to Ava Sterling, anotehr fine erotica author and was assured she would be right up my alley. We chatted via direct message and she offered me one of her short stories. She also gave me some codes to give away. Will you want one? I think so!

The Goods – I love the set up. You have two friends. They’re very close, but not romantically so. There’s some tension between them and a potential for attraction. How do you get them in the sack? Surprise porn! The sex which follows is hot and very well described. I love how Ava ties in the movie they watch, which teaches them a few techniques. I appreciated the glimpses into the ladies’ minds, letting us know how unexpected and delicious this all is. This story definitely had me squirming in my seat.

The Bads – When I review a story, I always want to be transparent. I’ll let you know things I don’t love. There’s not much present for me not to like. The only thing that jumped out to me was the movie itself. The story sets up the film maker to be talented. I’ve watched a LOT of porn and I have to say, the movie within the story seems uninspired. That’s not to say it isn’t hot. It is! Thanks to my recent story gigs, I’ve gotten to watch some really artistic stuff. The one in the story would be suitable for a well made mainstream adult film. Now, I’m left fully satisfied by the story itself, and the girls only went through one film, so perhaps if there’s a part two we’ll see something like the movies at or Frolic Me. (I hope you, dear reader, go watch movies there.)

The story is also short. Which was well worth the price tag of $.99. I’ve seen stories twice this long I wouldn’t pay half that much for. Just know that this serves as a taster for Ava’s other works, and a delicious amuse bouche it is!

RecommendationGo get this story! I give it four out of five licks of flame. Hot enough to return to, but truly just needed a bit more to get that extra flicker. I will definitely be checking out her other works! It’s worth a brief note as well, that for an indie piece of erotic fiction, this was free of a lot of the unfortunate errors I’ve seen. The plot, spelling, grammar, and other building blocks of what make good writing were all present and accounted for.

Giveaway – If you’d like a free copy, just comment below. I’ve got three copies and so the first three people who request one will get one! You should also go to her site and sign up to follow it!


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