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I read a TON of short fiction while “researching” for my own writing. And sometimes it’s just for kicks. And sometimes it’s… Well anyway you get the idea. So here are a few quick and dirty reviews of books I’ve read. The scale I’m using is Wet Panties (the number I’d soak through while reading).

claimedJenni Blaze’s fiction is almost always tongue in cheek and in every instance I’ve run into is SEXY AS HELL. Claimed is no exception. A real douchecanoe has a run in with the sexiest razor models that you could ask for in a place you might not want to ask for it in – a bar bathroom. But what happens there is life-changing for him. When I say there’s a happy ending, I mean it in more ways that one. While I read this quite a while back, it stuck with me. I give this four wet panties out of five. You can follow Jenni aka CJ at eroticCJ on Twitter.

Thankful for Boot Season by Kinky Writer was one of those I read almost puboot seasonrely for research. My love of cute feet is known but that doesn’t really extend to a footwear fetish. I’m always on the lookout for new things to read though, and books like this help me understand a bit more about kink. Having said that, this was MUCH hotter than I thought it would be. If boots or domination are your thing, checking this book out would be well worth the time spent.  I give this book two wet panties and a pair of footy socks that might also be slightly damp.

neighborsSometimes as a writer you get approached by folks who’d like you to read their stuff. I try and stay open to the idea especially as I’m trying to get into editing as a side gig. Hero West wrote Neighbors (Book One) and asked me to give it a look pre-publication. I did and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS, I’m glad I said yes. She NAILS so many things erotica writers fail at. Number one is heart and number two is actual real human beings in your story. You do that and it doesn’t matter how hot your verbiage is. While this book is light on sex (don’t worry, there is some and it’s hot) it’s a set up for a book that might well cause Kindles to melt. I know since I’ve read it too. This got four
panties out of five. And it would have gotten the fifth but like I said, it’s short and light.

haircutAn Innocent Haircut by Richard Bacula is not a perfect book by any means. It raised a few questions I wasn’t sure I wanted the answers to, like “How old is the protagonist?” and some I did like, “Where is this barber shop?” The prose wasn’t stellar. It could have stood another round of edits (not for grammar or punctuation, but maybe a snip here or there) but it was slow, sensuous, and FULLY satisfying. It’s one of those you read just for the really good fucking and it’s REALLY GOOD. I give this book five out of five panties and a slightly damp chair.

workoutThis is one of those books I read for a swap. Author BJ Black  contacted me and wanted to know if I’d read and review his book Workout Buddies: The Bet if he’d read and review mine. I was glad to do it without the quid pro quo. I like MM fiction and the premise seemed interesting. Annnd, I didn’t love it. The characters were relatively well done, but a little flat. I didn’t buy into a lot of what was going on. I don’t know any guys, bi or otherwise who’d make that kind of bet, but erotica is filled with odd premises. A few of which could be seen above. BUT, the sex here is hot. This would fall into strictly “Get the Orgasm Done” kind of reading. A lot like Innocent Haircut. I wouldn’t read either of these books for the characters. The difference is I liked the hair stylist and the young man. I didn’t like either of these characters. I would give this one pair of slightly damp panties out of five.

That’s all for now. I hope you find something here to enjoy!


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