Field of Wheat – Dr. Bourbon’s Story Party

This story is inspired by an image provided as a prompt by @BourbonSex and amazing dude I follow on Twitter. It’s less erotica and more just Adult Fiction:

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Dorene loved coming home and hated it at the same time. There were so many memories, good and bad, here. She always made the same three or four stops.

Old Man Grangers – The soda shop/burger joint of her youth where they still deep fried the hot dogs and made the best god damned milk shakes. Young Man Granger was walking in his dad’s cholesterol fueled footsteps, gradually adding things like adult beverages and a few healthy options but keeping the things that made the joint what it was.

The Town Cemetery – She had a few friends and a few more enemies here. Even at her relatively young age, she’d lost a few people. And she’d put three boys in here, though no one knew about it even still. She had zero regrets and gave zero fucks about that. She spit on each of their graves with every visit.

Mom’s Yarn Shop – The woman was in her early sixties and still put in sixty hours a week at the place. The town was drying up but she loved to see mom working at what she loved. It was made better by the fact that Mom was internet savvy and was sending specialty yarns she dyed herself all over the world.

The Wheat Field – She’d lost her virginity in this field. Three times to three different girls. It was always fun to let them think they were her first lay. There was Robyn of the red hair and milk pale skin. Her first true love and first horrible breakup. Then there was Paula, dark bob and dark eyes. She did teach Dorene how to smoke Paul Malls and drink whiskey straight from the bottle. Dorene’s sixteenth year was magical. Finally, there was Jane. Now Jane had, in a sense, taken her virginity. An out of towner, Jane used Dorene for raw sex and fucked her every way from Sunday. Including her heart and her bank account.

Dorene stood in the wheat field, looking over the spots where she’d spilled spit and come and dreams. She’d even made out with her only ever boyfriend here. His come had spilled into the dirt that day and later in the summer they’d both decided they were for sure gay.

This would be her last visit. It was time to put on her new face and start a new life. Her last job had been fruitful and set her up for life, so long as she was careful. She wouldn’t be able to come back here though. She’d need to be dead. Pussy and eyes wet from the memories, she sprayed the nearest clump of dried wheat stalks with lighter fluid. It wouldn’t burn down completely, but there was something about the cleansing power of fire she loved. She wished she could burn the whole town down. Preserve it in everyone’s memory, but you can’t burn the dead, Granger’s cheese steak fry nachos were amazing, and Mom would be losing her baby girl. This would have to do.

She walked away as flames licked her past, her black coat whipping in the breeze.


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