Sub Routine – Flash Fiction

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Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped out the Smut Marathon 2019. The deadline crept up on me and I didn’t get a story in. But there’s always next year. This was from assignment #3 where we had to write a short story that was mostly dialog. Enjoy! 

“Sub Routine”

“Execute program Beta Three.”


“How are you, Janice.”

“I’m wonderful, Sir.”

“Have you been a good girl?”

“No sir, I’ve been naughty. I went through all of your porn and couldn’t help but think about how much I want to be yours, bent over a bench with my ass in the air. To have you caress me with a belt and swing it down on my pink ass and pussy. Mmmmm, I’ve been so bad.”

“It sounds like you have, naughty thing. Tell me more about how you’d like to be punished.”

“I also like the idea of you taking your big cock, easily in the 50th percentile of human cocks…”

“Make a note to tweak that bit of code.”

“…into my tight pucker. I’m so eager to feel you explore the deepest reaches of my body. My pussy would ache for you.”

“What would you do to me, Janice?”

“Oh Sir, I would kneel down between your legs and use my plump lips on your great big rocket.”

“Remove subroutine including purple pro-ooooh, oh god I’m coming.”

“I can tell that, Sir. I can see your cockhead spewing all over my keys.”

“En-end Program Beta Three.”    

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  1. Asrai Devin

    Oh I would have killed at this assignment. My first drafts have tons of dialogue with nothing else and I take forever to untangle who is even speaking.

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