Babes in the Woods

Shavonda loves being a park ranger. She’d grown up in the inner city and took her first overnight camping trip in her late teens with a church group. She fell in love. After studying forestry and doing some internships, she landed a job at a state park in Western North Carolina.
She got off her four wheeler and started walking, day pack over one shoulder. Her goal was to cover fifteen miles checking trail markers and taking pictures to show how the woods were recovering after a small forest fire a few years ago.
A few miles into her walk, she spotted a small tent. That wasn’t unusual, though it was in an area far from any established campgrounds. It wasn’t illegal. What really caught her attention was the beautiful naked woman taking a shower using one of those solar water heaters. Essentially a black vinyl bag hanging from a tree with a hose off of one end 
Shavonda’s pussy clenched at the sight. She was bi, but hadn’t been with a woman since her freshman year of college. 
The bather was tall for a woman, at least six feet, and had the build of a hiker or runner. Her legs were strong – thick with muscle – and her back and shoulders were equally lean. There was an undeniable softness about her, though. Full breasts sat high on her chest as she washed her hair. Hips and stomach were rounded. Patches of pale skin where a bathing suit would cover (too tiny to be much of a suit really) stood out against tanned skin as well as the dark thatch of hair between her legs and her pebbly, brown nipples. 
It was when the woman winked at her that Shavonda realized she’d been caught staring. The shame at having been caught as well as having been staring in the first place made her skin grow hot. She didn’t avert her eyes. Couldn’t, really. 
She watched as the woman finished her shower and then grabbed a nearby towel. She dried herself slowly, occasionally looking up as if making sure Shavonda still watched. Finally, she walked over to a nearby camp chair and sat down. Her legs were open, though not splayed. There was no mistaking even at this distance that not all parts of her were dry. The camper beckoned to her with a finger. 
Shavonda walked into the clearing and smiled. “I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Whereas before she couldn’t stop looking at the wonderful body the woman possessed, now she couldn’t look anywhere but at the ground. 
“You didn’t. Though I admit your watching me did turn me on.” The woman’s voice was deep and husky. “Did watching me excite you?” 
A dream. This was a dream. Probably inspired by the porn she’d been watching. She’d play along. If it was a dream it was a nice one. “Yes, ma’am.” 
“Call me Bethany. And I can call you?” 
“Shavonda, look into my eyes.” 
When the ranger managed to do what she was told, she found deep blue irises meeting her own brown ones. She swallowed. “Are you going to tell anyone I was spying on you?” 
“Is that what you were doing, Shavonda? Were you being a bad girl spying on me?” There was an undeniable mirth in Bethany’s eyes. 
Shavonda shook her head and took a step closer. “Not intentionally at first. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone out here. Especially not a beautiful, naked woman.” 
“Thank you for calling me beautiful.” Bethany tapped her teeth with her finger. “I suspect I’d return the favor if you were as naked before me as I am before you. Even with clothes on you’re quite lovely.” 
It was Shavonda’s turn to blush. “Thank you.” She thought about taking her clothes off. But that would be… Unprofessional to say the least. “Well it’s my job to make sure campers are safe and you appear to be safe, so I’ll go on about my business.” 
“I’d feel safer if you stayed.” Bethany’s legs shifted, drawing Shavonda’s gaze. The dark brown curls were trimmed around Bethany’s slit revealing rose colored lips that were slick with lubrication.

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