Surfer Girl

This post is inspired by Nikki’s post here

I love this particular beach because it’s almost always deserted. I consider myself a good surfer, but it’s not always ready for “prime time”. And there’s something nice about the solitude. The rip currents were strong that day and pushed me a good two hundred yards away from where I’d put in before I finally beached and decided to dry off for a bit.

When I heard the cries I thought they were seagulls at first. Then I realized it was a woman. I walked slowly up the beach and came over a little dune when I saw her. Topless and with her bottoms nearly completely off, she had one hand between her legs and the other working her impressively soft-looking breasts.

My pussy tingled as I watched her get herself off. She was so completely into it that she didn’t notice my approach. Her orgasm was a powerful thing of beauty, and so was she.

“That looked fun.” I couldn’t help but comment. I was close enough for my board to touch her. My nipples could almost be made out through my wet suit.

She blushed but didn’t cover herself up. “It was fun. Care to join me?” She patted her beach towel.

I dropped my board gently to the sand and pulled off my wetsuit. I didn’t wear more than my bikini bottoms under my second skin. My breasts, almost as full as hers though my nipples were smaller and softer, sagged a little. In spite of my level of activity, my body was soft and curvy in all of the right ways.

Laying down beside her I took some of the sunscreen and started to apply it to my own tan skin.

“Can I help apply?” She asked, propping herself up on one elbow.

I nodded and lay back as she squirted more onto my breasts and belly. The bottle had been warmed by the sun and the white cream quickly worked into my skin. I moaned as she focused her attentions on my nipples.

Her mouth soon replaced her hands as she sucked my permanently semi-erect nipples into her mouth.

I arched into it and she lay on top of me, one thigh between mine. “Fuck yes.”

She ground her thigh against my clit and wet pussy. My tit popped free of her mouth. “You taste so good.”

“Get my back and you can taste even more.” I turned onto my back once she moved off of me and I wiggled out of my bottoms while she got more sunscreen on her hands.

In seconds she started rubbing the lotion into the skin of my back while her mouth attacked my ass. Eventually, she gave up all pretense and just licked and sucked from asshole to slit and back again. Her tongue touched me in all of the right places and her fingers were slick enough to fill my tight asshole.

“Oh god, yes. Fuck me harder. Just like that.” I bit her towel to keep from screaming as she pushed a third finger into my ass and filled my pussy with what felt like her whole hand. The digits rubbed together in ways that made my head spin and she bit and sucked my cheeks so hard I’d have marks for a week.

My orgasm was like a nor’easter, sudden and violent. My whole body spasmed and I got up on my knees, so strong were the contractions. She took that as an invitation to lay beneath me and bring my pussy to her lips. That girl ate my pussy like no one had before.

Eager to return the favor, I turned my body around and buried my face in her wet folds. I attacked her clit and clutched at her ass. Moaning and hollering into her heat, I felt her come against my face.

Eventually, we both needed to breathe. Her towel was soaked with sweat, come, and spilled sunscreen. We both had the biggest, goofiest grins on our equally smeared faces.

“You’re right.” I gasped. “That was fun.”

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