A Roll in the Hay

This story takes place in my Calamity Jane story world.

Jane yawned and stretched, happy to see sunlight streaming in through the gauzy curtains of the room she shared with Yamini. Surprised at its height in the sky, she checked the pocket watch hanging from the bedpost, It was half-past nine in the morning. She’d slept in and it was mostly thanks to a raucous night with her lover. The state of their sheets and the smell of sex in the air would have given the impression that they’d had company, but it was just the two of them. Yamini knew how to love her like no one else.

She reached down to retrieve the spring-driven prosthetic arm and with practiced ease drew its harness over her shoulders and slipped her stump into its leather cup. Yamini was also one of the very few people in her life who knew what Jane’s stump looked and felt like. The two women had similar injuries. Jane was beginning to think of it as less of an injury or limitation and more as a part of who she was now.

Hours of practice with the dancer helped that process. If Yamini could learn how to dance marvelously missing one leg below the knee, Jane would learn how to draw fast and shoot with her new arm. It would just take time.

She pulled on the trousers she’d cast across their bed last night and stood, doing up the buttons. Next came the shirt. Doing those buttons still took a while. She loved the way the soft fabric rubbed her nipples. She wouldn‘t bother with any undergarments since she needed a bath or at least a thorough washing, but first, she’d want coffee and flapjacks.

She went down to the kitchen and found it devoid of people, odd at this hour. There was coffee in the percolator and the scent of breakfast lingered. She poured herself a cup and grabbed a link of sausage from a plate on the sideboard. It would do for now.

The air that greeted Jane had that sweet smell of recently cut grass and the cool breeze of South Dakota spring. Her coffee steamed, and she took a bite of the spiced buffalo meat roll. Her stomach growled at the taste and her mouth flooded with saliva. She swallowed it and took a slurp of her coffee. It was the perfect day for a ride around the property. They had a dozen acres and she could spend the rest of the morning with horseflesh between her thighs and come back to see if Yamini wanted to spend the afternoon there.

She strolled out to their barn and was at the door when an unusual sound reached her ear. Moaning. At first, Jane was startled into action. The sound wasn’t coming from the horse stalls. Then she realized the sound wasn’t one she usually associated with pain and it was coming from above her.

Running a cat house, she was used to hearing people fucking, but not in her barn. Moving with grace and an economy of motion, she scaled the ladder and in moments had her head above the level of the hayloft’s floor. It wasn’t immediately obvious where the noise originated from. The light up here was decent, streaming in through the cracked door at the front of the loft. But sacks of feed and bales of hay provided ample hiding spots.

She moved around one of the bales of hay and saw a set of hindquarters she was familiar enough with. Yamini’s legs and ass were as bare as Jane could have asked for. The interesting thing was her head was buried between a set of legs Jane didn’t recognize. They were shapely and pale. And her dress was raked up around broad hips.

Jane sat down where she was and listened to the sounds Yamini was squeezing out of the other woman. As she did so, she pulled off her boots and set them aside. Not given to jealousy in matters involving her business partner and lover that didn’t mean she wouldn’t get involved. She skinned off her pants, leaving her own backside uncovered and moved forward in as quiet a fashion as she could.

She inhaled deeply of Yamini’s smell, now that it no longer had to compete with the hay and other rich, earthy smells of a barn. In some fashion, those odors complimented it. She placed her hands on Yamini’s dark hips and took a moment to soak in the beauty of her body and of the workmanship of her wooden and brass leg. In this light, you could barely tell the difference at a glance.

To her credit, Yamini didn’t jerk or stop what she was doing, the wet smacking sounds and her own soft moans continuing apace. She’d no doubt heard Jane’s approach. The woman had ears like a cat.

Now to savor that rich taste. The lips there were already open and waiting for whatever sauntered by to fill the space between. Jane slowly ran her tongue up along the crease to take in the sweetness that reminded her of fresh creek water. It was subtle and made her thirsty for more. As she took another lingering taste, she heard the muffled exclamation of pleasure from her beloved.

“Hello, my Jane.” It was Yamini who had convinced her to lay aside the moniker of Calamity. “You didn’t get enough this morning?”

“Who’s there? Ms. Jane?” The voice had the sweet lilt of Georgia about it. “Lord, Ms, Jane, I hope you’re not offended?”

Ah, this was Andrea, the new girl Yamini had told her about. They hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting yet. “Hush, girl. You lay there and take whatever Yamini is dealing out. I’m just here to make sure she’s well pleased.” There was a smirk in Jane’s voice and on her honey slicked lips. She slapped Yamini lightly on one hip. “You get back to showing her how it’s done.”

The muffled moaning and wet sucking sounds picked up again. If Jane hadn’t happened along, Yamini would have had the little death just from pleasuring the young redhead she loved the act so.

Jane admitted to herself that she was just as fond. She put her fingers in her mouth to make sure nothing lingered on there and then slid them into her lover’s waiting depths. She then turned to lie beneath the dark-skinned beauty to seek the swelling button that would be ready for Jane’s tongue right about now. As her fingers slid in and out of Yamini, she latched on to the sensitive bud. That brought a reaction Jane welcomed as she felt a leg of flesh and one of wood clamp on either side of her body.

Yamini let out a growl and from the sound of things attacked the new entertainer’s cunny like it was sweet cakes.

The redheaded girl squealed in delight. “Lord have mercy.” There was a thumping that must have been the lass’s hips jerking and hitting the blanket-covered wood floor.

Jane increased the speed and depth of her fingers’ movements and swirled her tongue in just the way Yamini liked. Jane raised her eyebrow a little when she heard the next thing Yamini had to say.

“Take your fingers out.” But then she continued. “Time to see if this girl has been paying attention. Get your tongue into me and let her get hers into you.”

Jane nodded. She’d discovered, mostly thanks to the gorgeous dancer, that having your cunny lapped and sucked was a wondrous feeling indeed. She got out from under her lover and did as she was told. It was a touch awkward at first to try to tongue Yamini while they were both on all fours while moving her body towards Andrea. Then Yamini had the idea for them to all lay on their sides.

Heat had been building between Jane’s legs and the sensation of a woman’s silken tongue on her nethers just amplified that. From the feel of things, Andrea’s was thicker and not nearly as long. It was nimble though and her lips were fuller as well. Whether the singer had done this before or was merely a quick study didn’t matter. While Jane was busy admiring the contrast between pink and brown skin on the inside and outside of Yamini’s lips and enjoying the taste, she felt her orgasm build like the two o’clock train to Yuma when the conductor realized it was two thirty.

Pillowed on Yamini’s muscular thigh, Jane began panting and moaning, muffled as it was by a mouth full of succulence. The other ladies’ moans only amplified how sensual the whole thing was. Yamini characteristically carried on in her native tongue of Arabic and Andrea just groaned deep in her chest. The vibrations from that felt to Jane like little sparks shooting up through her belly.

She slid the flesh and blood fingers she had into her lover and their twins finding her own center. It felt like Andrea was using three. As challenging as it was not to stop what she was doing and let out a string of epithets at the pleasure, that would mean stopping. And Jane was no quitter.

Even when the first orgasm finally came into the station, the gunslinger kept on pleasuring her partner.

It wasn’t until a squirt of fluid-filled Jane’s mouth and the tight muscles in Yamini’s body threatened to squeeze out Jane’s fingers that she slowed and stopped. She swallowed and soon had her fingers licked clean and tangled in Andrea’s red locks. The girl still hadn’t stopped.

Jane rolled onto her back and locked her legs around the pretty young lady’s head, mewling and panting at the sensations being pulled from her body.

What little light there was in their aerie was blotted out by Yamini’s movement. She straddled Jane’s face. “You don’t imagine you were done just yet?”

Jane shook her head as she got an eyeful of the triangle of dark curls and the wet lips behind. She busied her lips on Yamini yet again, pleasing her lover’s pearly as Andrea brought on Jane’s next trembling fit.

Andreas’ fingers clutched Jane’s hips and her mouth and teeth worked a few last times before the Jane finally batted at her hands. It was too much. Being sat upon made it a little harder to breathe while her body convulsed in pleasure.

Yamini filled her mouth again and then moved away. She shivered as she did, the motions making powerful ripples in the dancer’s body. She lay beside Jane and held her close and Andrea came up on the other side. Both breathed out a mixture of scents further making Jane’s head spin.

“You like?” Yamini asked, her voice still holding a quaver.

Jane nodded weakly. “You taught her well, I’d say.”

Andrea laughed, a raucous but not unpleasant sound. “Pardon, Ms. Jane, but Ms. Yamini was the student here. I may be younger, but I wanted her to know if you got any older female customers who admired me that they’d be well cared for.”

Jane smiled. While she had only eyes and designs on her lover, she would be sorely tempted to seek out Andrea for just those kinds of ‘lessons’. And Yamini wouldn’t mind a bit.

The three ladies formed a sort of pile on the blanket and worked to catch their breaths. When Jane finally did, she stood and walked over to her pants to pull those and her boots on.

Yamini pouted and looked after her. “Leaving so soon?”

Jane smiled. “I’ve got some horseback riding and a bath to attend to. Maybe when I get back from the former we can all see about the latter? Start without me if you’ve a mind.”

Andrea giggled softly. Her ample figure moving in time with it. “Don’t be gone too long, Ms. Jane. We wouldn’t want the water to get cold.

A short ride. That would be all she’d need. Maybe even just once around the house. Laughing to herself, Jane climbed down the ladder and headed back to the house to change.

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