I’ve Never Done This Before (Part One)

I was sitting at a hotel bar when I saw her for the first time. My date hadn’t shone and I was two whiskey sours in when she caught my eye. It’s funny, at first I didn’t realize it was a she. The blazer hid her breasts and she was tall and slender with a short haircut. It all ways the practical opposite of me. Add to that her energy, her body language, it just gave off waves of self confidence and self reliance that said “MALE” to me. 

But there was something in her eyes that was soft and welcoming and a humor in the lines around them. By the third glance, which was really more an eye fucking than a look, she’d caught my eyes and I realized without any uncertainty that she was a woman. I’m not ordinarily attracted to women and I certainly never make eyes at them in bars. I kept that sort of thing to my fantasy life. 

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

After the fourth we exchanged smiles, but she didn’t come over or send me a drink or anything a man might have done. Which was very nice but also a little frustrating. I’m a good looking woman. My build goes beyond curvy and into lush. My shoulder length red hair, blue eyes, and pale skin – with just a dusting of cinnamon on my cheeks and shoulders – have been described variously as dazzling, intoxicating, and drool worthy. 

Before I ordered my next drink, I gestured towards the bartender. 

He came over and smiled. “Another?”

I nodded, but held up a finger. “And one of whatever she’s having, on me.” 

He sat my drink in front of me and then made a scotch – neat – And sat it in front of her. Judging by where the bottle came from I’d be paying for the equivalent of three of mine. He pointed over to me and we raised glasses. 

I got up and walked over to her, straightening my black cocktail dress and moving with slightly tipsy confidence. “How are you?” Was my opening salvo.

“I’m doing even better now. Thank you for the drink.” She was a good six inches taller than me, average height for most men I’d been with. This close I could see she wore very little makeup. She had a good tan and healthy skin. Her build was trim but her slacks revealed curvy hips. There was something about them that caught my eye, but I didn’t want to stare and confirm my suspicions. Yet.

“You’re welcome. I’ve never done this before.” I’d find myself saying that a lot tonight. “But I figured I owed you one for all of the staring I was doing.” 

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