NeoPussies – Part One

Part One – Pre-operation

Corinne flipped through the teen magazine. There was shit all on tv and she was bored out of her skull. She thought about looking through the Coffee Table Book of Vulvas but she was pussied out for the moment. When the door to her hospital room opened, she had no idea how it was going to change her life forever. 
Jan, as they’d later be introduced, had jet black hair, fine features, and looked to be Japanese. Her hospital gown was nearly flat in front, and her build looked very slight. Her most arresting feature was her eyes. So dark you could fall into them forever. A nervous smile played around her lips and she looked at everything except the other occupant. 
“Okay, Ms. Tannaka here’s your bed. This is Ms. Hayes. She’ll be your roommate for a couple of days.” Hank, their orderly, parked the wheelchair and took a black and purple backpack hanging from its backrest and transferred it to the empty bed. 
Jan stood and made sure her gown was closed in the back before alighting on her bed. “Thank you, Hank.” Her voice was quiet but had a musical timbre. She turned to look at Corinne. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Hayes.” 
“Corinne, please. If we’re going to be staying in the Hotel de Pink for any longer than a day, you can call me Corinne.” She smiled at her new roommate. 

“Corinne it is. Hotel de Pink?” Jan looked confused. 
Corinne pointed in the general direction of between her legs. “Pink.” She looked over at Hank and then whispered. “As in pussy.” 
Hank just shook his head. “You ladies be nice. Ring if you need anything. Your surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.” 
The whiteboard soon had both their last names and a date and time for each of them.
Once Hank left, Corinne turned to Jan. “So, can I ask what brought you here? I know it’s the least polite question ever and if you don’t want to talk I understand, but I’m bored out of my fucking head and nervous.”
Jan winced a little, though whether from the flurry of words or their content it was hard to say. “I don’t mind telling you. I’m here to get a vaginoplasty because I’m transitioning.” 
“Transitioning?” Corinne had to think about it for a moment. “Oh. Oh okay, like Trans…intioning?” Her pale skin pinked up a little.
Jan nodded. “I like to think of it as assuming my ultimate form.” She smiled a little and it was adorable. 
Corinne chuckled. “Like a pokemon?” She pulled up her gown and showed off a tattoo of Spheal changing into Sealeo on her outer thigh. She’d gotten the Pokemon tattoo the second she turned eighteen. Literally. 
Jan shrugged. “A little like that.” She didn’t look like the comparison had hurt her feelings. “How about you?”
“I was born with vaginal agenesis. My girly bits didn’t form like they were supposed to. It was okay until I was old enough to decide that I wanted to have sex. And then I had to wait three or four years until my growth stabilized and I could legally consent to the surgery.” 
Jan raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t know that was a thing.”
“It’s pretty rare.” Corinne nodded. 
“Well, we have a few things in common.” Jan reached down to the foot of her bed and recovered the backpack that had been hanging from her wheelchair. She pulled out a stack of comic books and started leafing through them. “Do you read comics?” 
Corinne made grabby hands. “Do I? I actually wrote one with a friend of mine when I was a freshman in high school.” 
Jan patted her bed. “I don’t let these out of my arm’s reach.” 
Laughing, Corinne got up and walked across the room. She hopped onto the bed right behind Jan and could smell her. There was a faint odor of something sharp like wintergreen. It was refreshing and not as cloying as the perfumes and body wash a lot of girls wore. “You smell amazing.” 
Jan looked over her shoulder and blushed. “Thank you. It’s tea tree oil and eucalyptus. It gives my hair a lot of shine.” 
“May I touch?” Corinne held out her fingers close to the incredibly dark head of hair. 
Giggling, Jan blushed. “You may.” 
When Corinne touched it, she lightly gasped. “It’s so silky.” The brush of hair against her fingertips and the smell and the warmth of another body this close in proximity to her made her own skin tingle. She cleared her throat. “I may have to get some.” Her own face heated a little. 
“You can… keep touching it.” Jan glanced back over her shoulder. “I like to have my hair played with.” 
“Well if we’re going to do this, then I’ll have to change position.” She crossed her legs and scooted up against Jan, her shins touching the other girl’s backside. “You’re in luck. I like playing with people’s hair. I could do this a long time.” She ran her fingers through the silken mass and her nails – short but well manicured – raked across Jan’s scalp. 
Jan shivered and gooseflesh popped up at the base of her neck. “That feels good. So good.” 
It felt good to Corinne too, her nipples hardened to an embarrassing point. She’d have to make sure Jan didn’t turn around. Since Jan seemed to like the head scratches, she continued running them over the smooth scalp. 
“So, what are you reading?” 
Jan looked down into her lap. “This one’s part of the Gotham City Sirens series. It’s when…”
“Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley team up? I LOVE that series.” Corinne bounced on the bed. “Read it to me.” 
Jan giggled and shrugged her shoulders. “Okay.” She began reading, doing her best voices for the characters, and when she got to the end of the issue Corinne had moved her massage to Jan’s neck and shoulders. 
“You’re so tight. Are you nervous?” Corinne was really having to work and was grateful to have a parent who was a massage therapist. Then she realized what an asinine question it was. 
“Maybe a little more than you are.” Jan closed her book and turned. Her eyes were full of tears. “I’ve been through so much and I know this is right for me but there’s so much that could go wrong.” 
Corinne held out her arms and Jan dove into them. The girls hugged, awkwardly given how they were sitting. Then Jan rearranged herself and they now sat so they could continue hugging. Corinne couldn’t help but notice a small tent in Jan’s gown, but she did her best to ignore it. Jan was a girl, no matter what her parts were. Could that mean that she was attracted to Corinne or was it just the touch they’d been exchanging? She couldn’t deny she was attracted to Jan physically and they seemed to have a few things in common. 
All those questions flew out of her mind though as she realized Jan was crying. “Oh, now sweetheart, it’s going to be okay.” She kissed the top of Jan’s head. Stupid platitude. She may only be eighteen, but she knew better than to promise anything like that. Still… “I’m here for you. We’re going to get through this just like our Sirens.”
Jan squeezed her tightly and her sobs leveled off. 
Corinne could feel the front of her gown getting wet. She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a couple of tissues. Slowly, she grabbed Jan by the shoulders and encouraged her to sit up. “These make better kleenexes.” 
Jan took them and dabbed at her eyes and blew her nose. 
Corinne kissed her forehead. “I know all that stuff I said about everything being okay is bullshit. But I am here for you now. All we have is here and us.” She kissed Jan’s right cheek. “And I can hold you and we can read comics.” She kissed Jan’s left cheek. “And in this bubble of our room, we’re gonna be just fine.” 
Jan leaned up and kissed Corinne on her pouty lips. It was unexpected but not unwelcome. The kiss was warm and soft, but chaste. “You’re sweet.” 
Corinne cupped Jan’s head and kissed her back. This kiss was a little more heated. She could taste bubble gum on Jan’s breath. “You actually are sweet.” 
Jan giggled again. “You’re a good kisser.” She rested her head on Corinne’s chest. “Your heart is beating a million miles an hour.” 
Corrinne was all too aware of how close Jan’s lips were to her stiff nipples. She thought she could feel breath on them. Not wanting to break this tableau, she kissed Jan on the crown of her head again, inhaling the tea tree scent and leaving mouth and nose pressed there. “You’re not the only one who’s scared, you know.” 
Jan wrapped her arms around Corinne’s waist. “I know. Tell me what you’re scared of.” 
Corinne wrapped her arms around Jan’s shoulders, holding the girl to her heart. “Being alone. Not being able to have a lover or children. Dying on the table. Living for a hundred years but never knowing who I am.” 
“You’re a mess. A hot mess.” Jan’s voice was still teary, but also held a note of humor. 
“You think I’m hot?” This whole thing was sublimely ridiculous.
Jan let go of Corinne’s waist and sat up. “Yes. I do.” Those dark eyes had a laugh in them, but there was more. She leaned in and kissed Corinne, this time her tongue slid between Corinne’s lips. The salt from tears flavored their intimacy. 
Corine locked Jan’s face to hers with her fingers and her hunger. That ridiculously soft, black hair was cool to her touch, as cool as Jan’s mouth was hot, as hot as the join of Corinne’s legs. When she felt a hand on her breast, she moaned and shivered. She’d only been kissed like this and touched there one other time in her life. A girl she’d dated in high school her sophomore year. 
Their tongues and lips lingered, slippery and gentle. Jan was the one who ended the kiss with a few light pecks. She lay her head on Corinne’s shoulder. “Thank you. I feel better.”
Corinne was dizzy as though all of Jan’s anxiety had been converted into vertigo and transferred via their lips. “I’m glad.” This girl thought she was hot and kissable. And they were both geeks. There was more to starting a relationship, but maybe all this had to be was here and now. She lay back on Jan’s bed and the smaller girl moved to use her as a cushion. 
Jan rested her head on Corinne’s chest and hugged the sides of Corinne’s body. Her hip and side were putting pressure on some very sensitive and deliciously aware areas. 
The friction was intoxicating. Corinne stroked Jan’s hair with one hand and scratched her back with the other. “Do you have any tattoos?”
Jan shook her head. “I’ve thought about getting one.” 
“You should get a Transformers tattoo. You know the original ones?” 
Jan looked up. “I’m familiar.” 
Corinne almost forgot what she was talking about. Those eyes. “Umm, well you should get a Ravage tattoo – the cat one – and have it transform into a cassette tape and then have some speed lines that make it look like it’s going into you.” 
“Into my what?” It was Jan’s eyes turn to sparkle with humor. “My Hotel de Pink?”
Corinne blushed furiously. “Yeah like on the inside of your thigh.” 
“That sounds pretty cool!” Jan squirmed as though uncomfortable and then rolled over and slid up to spoon beside Corinne. In the process, she’d raked Corinne’s gown most of the way up. “You have nice legs.” Jan slid her fingertips over the top of Corinne’s thigh. “Soft, but muscular.” 
Corinne bit her lips at the feather light touch. She didn’t move, couldn’t move at the sensation. Tempted to part her legs for more access, instead she cleared her throat. “Lacrosse my junior year. Sitting on my ass my senior year.” 
Jan’s fingers moved up and down like a paintbrush. The top of the stroke was no more than an inch from the increasingly damp gusset of Corinne’s underwear. “I hate sports. I spend most of my time reading comics and playing my instrument.” 
Corinne snorted from the first though to cross her mind. 
“My violin.” Jan smacked her lightly on one thigh. And then right away the delicate stroking. 
The difference in sensations made it difficult for Corinne not to moan, but it had removed the temptation to laugh. “How long have you been playing?” 
“Since I was four. Started with Suzuki which was a disaster and then got some real training.” This time the upstroke moved the hem of Corinne’s gown up a fraction of an inch. “So pretty.” 
Corinne was drunk on the attention she was being given. Since Jan’s eyes were so focused on her “pretty” legs, Corinne risked running her fingers over one nipple. She sighed as the sensation increased her arousal. Where was all this going? Were they just going to spend the night torturing each other? That was when she realized she could feel something hard against her lower thigh. Oh god. It felt so good and so strange knowing that this girl still had a boy part and was going to get it removed or modified in the morning. 
“I have a question.” The sentence came out as a whisper. Corinne could taste something like electricity. Her mouth was dry. 
Jan stroked the inside of Corinne’s thigh. There was no way she wouldn’t be able to feel the heat from only an inch or two away. No way she couldn’t smell Corinne’s arousal. “Ask.”
“Do you want me to…” Her voice clicked. “Touch you?” 
Jan slid her body up so that her lips were near Corinne’s. Her fingertips touched the flimsy fabric covering Corinne’s mound. They made lazy circles on the pink cotton. Dark eyes simmered with lust. 
“Yes. Kiss me first.” Lying side by side, face to face now, Jan pressed her lips to Corinne’s and this time neither of them held back their passion. Fear, lust, and curiosity drove them to consume each other’s lips and tongues. Jan’s fingers danced around the waistband of Corinne’s underwear just above her butt. 
Corinne had never had and never wanted to have a penis brushing against any part of her but this was Jan, the strange girl who loved comics and tattoos and Transformers, so it felt okay  She reached between them and stroked it through the gown and relished the whimpering noise Jan made into their kiss. Emboldened, she gripped it as best she could and moved her hand up and down. She was the farthest from an expert in how to give a hand job, but it didn’t seem difficult. 
Meanwhile, Jan’s fingers explored under the waist of Corinne’s panties. Her nimble, strong fingers played up and down the crease and with each of the firm, round cheeks. 
Corinne pulled Jan’s tongue more deeply into her mouth. She was a novice to quite a few things but kissing wasn’t one of them. She’d kissed more than a few girls after that disastrous sophomore year, mostly other girls who were curious but not committed. There had even been a boy she tried dating before she came out to her parents. He’d been a little on the effeminate side and she thought that would be enough. 
It hadn’t been. She needed this. A girl, even a girl like Jan. No, not even, especially. A girl who understood some things about being between.
Jan stopped touching Corinne’s ass long enough to hitch her gown up over her hips. Hormones had given her a soft roundness. The panties she wore had penguins all over them on a white background. The tip of her penis poked out of the waistband. 
Corinne wanted to get a look. She pushed a little on Jan’s chest to give them separation. “Oh what cute underwear you have my dear. And what a huge clit, begging to be touched.” She winked at Jan. 
“I have some lube in my bag.” Jan panted.
“You lay back.” Jan reached down to the foot of the bed and pulled the bag to wear she could see it. She looked through its contents finding a handful of very naughty manga books before she came across the small tube that could have been hand sanitizer but wasn’t. She’d been buying lube since she was young, since her body didn’t produce enough naturally. She squirted some into her palm and warmed the clear liquid up by rubbing her hands together. 
It made a funny squishing sound that suddenly got less funny as she turned to see the young Japanese girl with her panties down, showing off a pretty little pale cock and balls. The length of her member reached to just above her bikini line. Jan’s gown was up around her hips and she was working her tiny breasts through the cloth for all she was worth. 
“You’re so pretty, Jan.” Corinne whispered. And she wasn’t lying. This was out of her experience, but the differences in their bodies aside, Jan had a lovely face and a cute figure. She put her warm, slicked hands around the base of Jan’s member, slicking its length and stroking it. 

. “I love looking up at your face while you’re touching me. Your curly hair is gorgeous.” Jan touched her upper lip with the tip of her tongue and began panting. 
Corinne kept sliding her hand up and down and felt the cock grow longer and thicker in her hand. It never got fully hard, but knowing she was having this affect on Jan was intoxicating. Her ignorance of the male anatomy in general notwithstanding, it seemed like Jan was enjoying it. 
Jan pulled her gown the rest of the way up, exposing her tummy and her soft round breasts, their dark nipples standing at attention. Her fingers skated across her pale skin, tweaking and raking with abandon. She bit her bottom lip and began making little mewling sounds. 
Corinne’s arm was getting a little tired but she didn’t want to stop before Jan had an orgasm. “Are you getting close?” 
Jan shook her head. “No, but it feels so good. Please don’t stop.” 
Corinne smiled. “I won’t stop until you ask me.” She did want to change positions though. She lay down beside Jan, bringing the lube with her, and lay down on her side so she could keep up the stroking with her right hand. She put her lips around Jan’s right nipple and sucked gently on it and then licked it.   
This brought on a deeper groan from the petite girl. “God that feels so good.” Jan whispered to Corinne. She scratched at Corinne’s back and clenched the sheets of her bed. “I might not come. The… the hormones don’t make it easy.” 
Corinne paused. “Ssssssh, just relax and enjoy what I’m doing.” She went back to sucking and nibbling the dark flesh, so different from her own pale nipples. 
Jan nodded. “I am. You’re so sweet.” Her hips bucked a little and she let out an “oooo”. “Oh god I might…” And then there it was, a trickle, but undeniably warm and sticky dribbling out from Jan’s cock. It sprinkled her pale pubic mound and glistened in the room lights. 
Corinne slowed her stroking but didn’t stop. She loved the way Jan jerked and moaned under her touch. Every time she came near the head, Jan shivered and soon, put her hand over Corinne’s
“Th-thank you.’ Her dark eyes met Corinne’s might blue ones. “Your hands are perfect.” Jan laughed weakly.
“Nothing about me is perfect but I’m glad I pleased you.” Corinne reached across and grabbed a few tissues and used them to clean her friend up. “Are you going to miss that?” 
A frank look came over Jan. She shook her head. “I don’t think so. I won’t miss the mess or these parts that just don’t match what I see in my head. I thought long over whether or not to do this.” 
Corinne helped Jan pull up her panties and they pulled the rumpled comforter over the two of them. They huddled together for warmth. “What made you decide to do it?” She tossed the rumpled tissues at the bedside trash can and missed. 
“I did all of the research and my parents can afford it. It won’t change who I am but it will change how I can be with the people I love. I want to have someone one day who’ll love me like a woman out to be loved. Who won’t look at me strangely every time I get undressed in front of them. Whoever that person is, I want them to know what I’ve gone through to become the person I’ve always felt I was, but not have to see the person I’m not.”  
Corinne kissed Jan passionately. With a few pecks of her lips, she smiled. “You’re amazing.” 
“Why do you say that?” Jan nuzzled against Corinne’s neck.
“Your brave and strong and oooooo.” Corinne felt Jan’s finger touch the top of her slit through her still damp panties. “And you have such nice hands.” It didn’t take long for Jan to find Corinne’s clit even through the material. 
Now Jan was biting and licking where she’d been nuzzling just moments before. 
“Oh god, yes.” Corinne fisted Jan’s hair. “Just like that.” 
“Do you want my lips on you?” Jan panted between licks. 
Truthfully, Corinne wasn’t sure. She’d never had anyone do that to her before and she knew she didn’t look “normal” down there. But she did have a fully functioning clit and was eager to get her own pleasure. “Only if you want to.” 
Jan eagerly dove down to the foot of the bed and under the cover of the sheets pulled aside Corinne’s panties and sucked the engorged pearl between her lips. Her fingers stroked the tiny hole where another girl’s lips would be. 
Corinne could only focus on how good someone’s warm lips and tongue felt where only her fingers had ever been. Her stomach fluttered with nerves but her differences didn’t seem to affect Jan’s eagerness. She grabbed the lube and passed it down. 
Jan took it but for several minutes of bliss just used her tongue and teeth. 
Finally, Corinne felt a slippery finger run circles around where the mouth had been. Kisses on her mound and love nips on her thighs kept Jan’s mouth occupied.
Corinne grabbed the comforter and pulled it into her mouth to stifle the sounds she was making. The fluttering in her stomach became waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She locked her legs around Jan who was doing her best to continue rubbing the girl’s clit for all she was worth. 
After a blissful double handful of heartbeats, Jan appeared from beneath the covers with a smile and a smear on her gown where she’d rubbed off the lube. “I want my clit to look like yours.” 
Corinne wasn’t sure she heard that right, but she smiled anyway. “You’re a goofball.” They hugged and it wasn’t long at all before they drifted off in each other’s arms, the stress of the coming day forgotten for now at least. 
At some point in the darkness, they clung to each other again, kissing and stroking and whispering promises and words of affection. More sighs and moans and peppered kisses sweetly exchanged, and then Corrine felt her way to her bed. The next day would be stressful enough without getting caught sharing a bed with a relative stranger. 
And right she was. The two girls went their separate ways and the surgeries went as well as could be hoped for. They did come to see each other again over the course of the next couple of days and they stayed up late into the night talking and exchanging the details of their lives. They followed each other on every social media they could find and promised that the coming weeks and months would be filled with connections and check ins.

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