NeoPussies – Part One

Part One – Pre-operation

Corinne flipped through the teen magazine. There was shit all on tv and she was bored out of her skull. She thought about looking through the Coffee Table Book of Vulvas but she was pussied out for the moment. When the door to her hospital room opened, she had no idea how it was going to change her life forever. 
Jan, as they’d later be introduced, had jet black hair, fine features, and looked to be Japanese. Her hospital gown was nearly flat in front, and her build looked very slight. Her most arresting feature was her eyes. So dark you could fall into them forever. A nervous smile played around her lips and she looked at everything except the other occupant. 
“Okay, Ms. Tannaka here’s your bed. This is Ms. Hayes. She’ll be your roommate for a couple of days.” Hank, their orderly, parked the wheelchair and took a black and purple backpack hanging from its backrest and transferred it to the empty bed. 
Jan stood and made sure her gown was closed in the back before alighting on her bed. “Thank you, Hank.” Her voice was quiet but had a musical timbre. She turned to look at Corinne. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Hayes.” 
“Corinne, please. If we’re going to be staying in the Hotel de Pink for any longer than a day, you can call me Corinne.” She smiled at her new roommate. 

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