NeoPussies – Part Two

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Corinne sat down on the pillow she’d come to keep at hand for almost any marathon sitting experience and opened up her laptop. She wiggled a little as the newly shaped flesh of her labia adjusted to the cool fabric of her pillow. For these little calls, she figured it was better to already be naked from the waist down. It was going to go that way anyhow. She made sure her dilator and the KY jelly were handy and then opened up the chat window. 
Jan is online.
Corinne squeaked with joy. Sometimes her friend couldn’t make it and hell sometimes Corinne couldn’t either. For the first three months after the surgery, neither of them had much felt like talking to anyone, but they still chatted almost daily with each other through texting. They compared pictures, showing one another the bruising and changes no one else got to see. As the swelling reduced and they got to know each other’s bodies, Corinne had to admit to a bit of jealousy. Not about the labia or any other part of her new pussy, but in the other girl’s figure. 
Jan would always be more slender and delicate than Corinne and it was those things that drew Corinne’s eyes. And desire. And she desired Jan just as strongly as she had that night. She wasn’t entirely sure that Jan felt the same way. The girl was reserved emotionally. 

Corinne hit call and the laptop purred. Soon, the video Window popped up and Jan’s gorgeous face was there to behold. She’d gotten a dark blue streak in her hair and it was cut shorter. Corinne’s blond hair was up in a ponytail and she wore a pink camisole. It almost looked like, from the video framing, that Jan wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. Corinne could just make out cleavage. 
Jan stood up and confirmed her nudity. She cupped her little breasts, still larger than the nubs she’d had in the hospital. “I got them!” 

Corinne clapped. They were very cute and the perfect size for Jan’s frame. “You got the implants? They look amazing!” And they did. Corinne felt a tingle between her legs. That was good. So good. Her nerves had taken well to her surgery and there hadn’t been any reduction in her sensitivity or orgasms.  
The camera’s resolution wasn’t amazing, but it looked like Jan was blushing more than a little. “And they feel as good as they look.” She pulled on one of her erect nipples and moaned. “I wish you were here to feel them.” 
“I do too.” Corinne pouted. “But at least we have this. So, what’s going on in your life? Besides new boobs I mean.” 
Jan’s eyes cut back a forth a little nervously. “I’m seeing Nick again.” She didn’t sound super thrilled about it.
“Ok. I thought you’d decided that it wasn’t going to work out.” Corinne had to admit to being a touch jealous. And more than a little upset. Nick wasn’t good for Jan, but it was hardly Corinne’s place to tell her friend that. 
Jan nodded. “But he bought me the cutest ring and he promised things would be okay. He got a good scholarship to State and is going to engineering school. I’m going to go there too.” 
Corinne wanted to bang her head on the desk in frustration. “But State doesn’t have half the music program that… Well, practically any other school does. What about your music/” 
“I can still work on that on the side. He doesn’t think that music makes sense for me anyway.” Jan held up a finger. “But we’re getting sidetracked on stupid stuff. How’re you doing?”
Corinne took a long, deep breath. “I’m doing fine. Getting ready to head to school in the spring. I’ve been doing a lot of study from home, but it’s time to get into college life for real.”
“How are you doing,” Jan pointed to the bottom of the screen, “down there?” Jan grinned and it was wicked. 
Corinne had to giggle. The petite musician had a way of cutting right to the chase. “I’m still tender, but all healed up.” She held up her dilator. “I’ve moved up a size.” She stroked the tool suggestively.  
“Oooooh. Nice. I bet it hurts just a little.” The tone in Jan’s voice was indeed one of admiration. She was a little bit of a pain slut. 
Corinne bit her lip. “At first it did, but now I can take it and move it around and just feel so full. And my clit is at full sensitivity.” She reached down and brushed the already hard nub. A little moan escaped her lips. “How about you?”
Jan reached out and made the camera pan down and stood up again. A near rectangle of hair ran from just above her slit to an inch below her waistline. In other words, not much more than a couple of postage stamps. The delicate pink lips of her vulva peaked out. They looked very similar to Corinne’s. The girls had picked out the same design. There was some variation of course, but they both thought it was cute. Jan’s clit was bigger and Corinne could almost make it out. 
“If you’re already doing some landscaping you must be feeling great!” Corinne moved her camera to show off the mostly trimmed triangle of light blond curls. “I’m still letting mine be free.” She laughed. 
“Well, I think it’s sexy. Nick likes this.” Jan fanned her face. “No more Nick talk.” 
Corinne bit her tongue and nodded. She left her camera peering down at her pussy and grabbed the lube. She slicked the dilator up and saw that Jan was doing the same. “It’s time to see how they’re operating.” Corinne’s nipples were poking at her camisole. Most girls would be soaking wet, but these two would always need help in that department. Watching as Jan slid her more slender tool into that gorgeous flesh of hers, Corinne teased her opening softly and let out a soft whimper. She always looked forward to this. Not just for the sex, but to see this beautiful girl and keep that connection. 
Her whimpers were echoed by Jan, the smaller girl’s voice had a higher pitch. “Oh Corinne, your pussy is so beautiful. I wish I was there to taste you.” Jan’s abdominal muscles rippled as she slowly slid her dilator in. Her trim legs tensed and she hissed in pleasure. 
Corinne slid one hand up under her camisole and teased her painfully hard nipples with her nails. “I wish you were too. I’ve missed your body.” She’d lain awake so many nights since the hospital thinking of their fling. 
Jan gasped. “Oh fuck, I love how sensitive my nipples are. I’m thinking of you biting them.”  She adjusted her camera so Corinne could see her from the neck down. 
“I love the feel of your nipples under my teeth and tongue.” Ready to be naked, Corinne pulled her camisole off and threw it aside. Filled with her dilator, she slid one finger up what little stuck out and up to her clit. She diddled the sensitive bundle like she had her nipple, flicking it lightly with her nail.
“I’d hold your head against my breast and cradle you.” Jan was panting now. She began moving the dilator in and out. The liquid sound was audible through tinny laptop speakers. 
“I’d suck on your nipple hard and slide my fingers between those pretty pussy lips.” Corinne stood up and backed away from her camera a bit. She knew how much Jan loved her larger rounder ass, so she stood with her back to the camera and reached between her legs to slowly fuck herself like Jan was. She bent over and thrust out her ass, knowing that would give Jan more to look at. As she did, she slid her index and middle finger up and down on either side of her clit. As she moved faster she began panting. “God this feels so good. I’d love to feel you on your knees behind me, biting my butt and fucking me.” 
“Would you let me lick your asshole?” Jan’s voice was soft but filled with lust. 
The idea of doing something so dirty with Jan made her stomach quiver. “God yes.” Her hands moved faster and soon her stomach wasn’t the only thing quivering. The doctors said vigorous sex could help with her adjustments so she didn’t hold back. She began to really pound into herself and could see Jan doing the same. “Are you close, baby?” 
Jan had rolled back in her chair so Corinne could see her head. She nodded. “So close.” Their bodies nearly in sync, it was Jan who came first. One foot on her desk and the other shaking in midair, her head rolled back and she cried out wordlessly.
“Fuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck.” Corinne fell in right behind her. She bent over all the way and spread her ass so Jan could see the glistening pink hole and her dripping slit. She clawed at her cheeks and eventually had to bend at the knees to keep from falling over. Knowing this probably turned Jan on more amped her own emotions up. She was glad no one was home because she started moaning at the top of her lungs. 
Eventually, Corinne went down on one knee so she wouldn’t fall down. She heard Jan’s panting groans from behind her and imagined that the other girl was actually behind her about to fill her again. Maybe her ass? She’d never even played that way, but now that Jan had brought it up, she was curious. 
The girls’ panting slowed and eventually they were both able to drag themselves in front of their keyboards. Jan mopped her forehead with some tissues. “Oh damn, that was good.” 
Corinne had a big grin on her face. “I thought so too. So you like to lick ass?” 
Jan blushed a little. How she could do that after all they’d shared, Corinne wasn’t sure. “I like the thought of it. I’ve never actually done it.” 
“Maybe that’s a plan for when we get together.” They had talked about the idea of getting together again more than once but hadn’t committed anything to the calendar.
“About that.” Jan looked down and then back up again. 
Corinne didn’t like that look. She didn’t like that look one bit. “Yes?” 
“I don’t think we should. I’m trying to get serious with this guy, and I’m not sure he’d like the idea of me having a girlfriend.” There was a glint of tears in the corner of Jan’s eyes. “He doesn’t even know about… This.” She pointed to the camera and back at herself.
The bottom of Corinne’s stomach fell out. She suddenly felt very vulnerable. She grabbed her camisole and started putting it on. “You know what, that’s fine. Whatever this is.” She heard stitches pop in the lingerie. “Fuck.” Finally, she got it on. “Whatever this is can just stop today. You got your one last fuck in.” 
“Hey, it’s not like that.” There were tears in Jan’s voice. “I like you a lot. What we’ve had, it’s… special.” 
“But I don’t have a dick and that’s what you want.” There was far more venom in her words than she’d intended. 
“It’s not as simple as what parts we have, but since you put it that way, sure. I didn’t get the surgery just for giggles. I like cock. I want to have what you cis girls have.”
“Don’t you do that. Don’t you ‘you cis girls’ me.” 
“But you are. Surgery or no, you were born in the body you have. I wasn’t born in the right body. Now I’m almost there and the last piece of the puzzle is finding the right man. I think that’s Nick.” Tears were really falling now as both girls cried.
“Fine. I’d say ‘fuck you’ but you don’t want that. So have a nice life.” Corinne hit the button to end the call and curled up in a ball in her chair while weeping as loudly as she’d been moaning earlier. Her head hurt and her pussy hurt and her heart was broken. She wanted to puke and scream. Once she was able to see clearly enough to get up, she walked over to her bed and collapsed into it. 
She stayed in bed all the rest of that day and into the next before her parents finally coaxed her out. The next few weeks she focused on getting her shit together for school. Every few days she’d send an email to Jan but she never got a replay. It was just as well. The distance between them would grow and eventually, Corinne would find someone new. She hoped.   

Part Three Coming Soon!


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