NeoPussies – Part Two

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Corinne sat down on the pillow she’d come to keep at hand for almost any marathon sitting experience and opened up her laptop. She wiggled a little as the newly shaped flesh of her labia adjusted to the cool fabric of her pillow. For these little calls, she figured it was better to already be naked from the waist down. It was going to go that way anyhow. She made sure her dilator and the KY jelly were handy and then opened up the chat window. 
Jan is online.
Corinne squeaked with joy. Sometimes her friend couldn’t make it and hell sometimes Corinne couldn’t either. For the first three months after the surgery, neither of them had much felt like talking to anyone, but they still chatted almost daily with each other through texting. They compared pictures, showing one another the bruising and changes no one else got to see. As the swelling reduced and they got to know each other’s bodies, Corinne had to admit to a bit of jealousy. Not about the labia or any other part of her new pussy, but in the other girl’s figure. 
Jan would always be more slender and delicate than Corinne and it was those things that drew Corinne’s eyes. And desire. And she desired Jan just as strongly as she had that night. She wasn’t entirely sure that Jan felt the same way. The girl was reserved emotionally. 

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