NeoPussies – Part Three

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Two years later

Corinne sipped the beer she’d been nursing for the last 30 minutes. It was pretty hoppy, and she liked that, but the piney bitterness meant she tended to make them last. Added to that, as a college student, she had to make her money stretch. She fired up her laptop and saw that she had a few emails from her “boss” at the college paper. She wrote a regular column for the school blog and print newspaper that featured local and regional entertainment acts. It was part review and part interview. In the six months she’d been doing it, it had become very popular and she’d actually gotten to interview some acts that were famous beyond her little bubble. 

Cor, here’s a list of some new things coming up. Let me know which ones you’re going to see and if you need vouchers or money. 

That was the best part. The school would pay for some of the shows if they weren’t too pricey. She scanned through the emails and a familiar face caught her eye. The woman’s features were a little angular and the way she was dressed – sharp suit and tie – was masculine or at least androgynous. There was no denying though that she was a woman given her apparent bustline and the fact that Corinne had seen her naked. 

It was Jan. The picture was of the Jazz band Jan belonged to. She’d ended up going to a prestigious school in the northeast and while they hadn’t kept in touch, Corinne knew what her old friend was up to. Seeing that picture and knowing that she’d have the opportunity to see and interview Jan at the very least filled her with complex emotions. 
They hadn’t spoken in over a year, not even via email. But a day hadn’t gone by when she hadn’t thought about the woman and their time together. 
She emailed Tim back to let him know which acts she was going to go see and closed her laptop. 
“What’s wrong, Cor?” The voice broke her out of her reverie. Ari stood there, resplendent in her mermaid colored hair, two thick braids draped forward over her shoulders and dropping to the midline of her breasts. 
“Wrong?” She didn’t think she’d done anything to indicate distress, but Ari was in tune to her customers’ moods. Like any good bartender. 
“You let out a sigh that must have used up your last three lungs full of air.” Ari pointed to Cor’s glass. “If you don’t want that I can pour you something else while you spill.” 
Corinne shook her head and drained the glass. It set her teeth on edge. “I will take a water.” 
Ari grabbed a clean pint glass and poured a full measure of the British Mild they had. “You’ll drink this and like it.” She slid the glass in front of Corinne. 
Corinne chuckled and took a sip. It soothed her palate. She let out a long ahhh and a small belch. Then a giggle. 
“You don’t have to like IPAs. Just because they’re popular.” Ari sipped from her own glass of water.  
“It’s like sucking cock. So many people like it, I feel there must be something to it. But it’s just not for me.” Corinne was avoiding answering the question. She knew she wouldn’t get away with it for long.  
As if reading her mind, Ari raised her eyebrow. “The sigh…” 
Corinne tapped her laptop. I’ve got an… old friend who will be coming to town. I’ve got to see her band play. Well, that’s not true. I don’t have to see her band but I want to. She’s a talented musician and a wonderful person and I just.” 
Ari patted Corinne’s hand. “You want to see if there’s still anything there?” 
Corinne smiled softly at the contact. She shrugged. “I feel seen. Yeah, to see if she still wants me as much as I want her. I’ve had a few dates and a couple of relationships since her. But none of them lasted.” She took a long pull on her beer and smacked her lips. “Hell, ours didn’t last that long before she went back to her boyfriend.” There was no bitterness in her tone, though there once would have been. 
“A relationship doesn’t have to last long to be powerful. I still remember my first boyfriend. We didn’t date long, but he’s still my first thought on most days.” After a few seconds of quiet, Ari turned and went down the bar to tend to another customer. 
Corinne ran her finger through a ring of water left by Ari’s water glass. Ari was right. There was no sense in denying that her time with Jan was important and in many ways formulative. There couldn’t be anything wrong with trying to see her. If she went, and there was no spark, then she could still enjoy the work of a talented musician. If there was, maybe they could go out to dinner and just see what happened.  
She finished her beer, packed up her things and went out to the little Volvo wagon she’d been driving since she’d left for school. It had done well by her in the winters up here and never given her a bit of trouble. It would be around two weeks before Jan and her band were up here. She’d have all that time to moon and dream and try to look her best come the day of the concert.  
She thought it would drag but the time flew by. Before she knew it, she was taking her seat in the little concert hall, listening to a presenter introduce the group, and trying to quiet the butterflies in her stomach. 
Soon, the band took the stage and began tuning their instruments, or so it would have sounded to a less practiced ear. Corinne watched Jan’s fluid motions. As angular as her new look was, there was still a softness and roundness to the way she drew her bow back and forth. Her fingers moved all over the fretboard in lightning-fast, but controlled motions. Her body swayed in time to the rhythm, even as the time signature and tempo changed. 
Corinne wasn’t surprised that Jan had mastered her instrument, but the level of that mastery was still mind-blowing. While the instruments blended and the musicians worked well together, Corinne fancied that she could make out Jan’s violin from all the rest and it made her skin tingle. She thought about Jan’s fingers moving over her body like they did the violin, making love to her and producing the sweetest sounds. 
Jan’s lips were compressed in concentration, but Corinne knew they were soft and just how they would feel on her nipple or sucking her clit. Both areas of her body were tingling and she could feel herself growing damp. 
“Focus on the music.” She whispered to herself. She had been taking notes on autopilot and could see that while she had been keeping a setlist, she had also been doodling hearts and writing Jan’s name. Tsking, she shook her head and tried to make her brain tune in to what the talented musicians on stage were doing. 
Losing herself in the tones and tempo, she tapped her feet lightly in the red flats she wore. They matched her red silk minidress and she had worn equally crimson underwear, bought new for the occasion. Just in case. She’d get to meet Jan in person at a mixer afterward and wanted to put her best everything out there. 
Soon, the music was over and people applauded more than just politely. Once the band had taken their third bow, the audience began breaking up and started murmuring and mumbling as the lights came up. Everything she’d heard that night lived up to her expectations and she’d have more than enough thoughts to fill the column inches she’d be asked to. It was time to go to the mixer. 
The crowd on the upper floor was in good spirits, aided by the freely flowing booze and beer. Corinne clutched the two drink tickets she had and was musing over whether to get a beer which would cost one ticket or a mixed drink for two tickets 
“Hello there, my dear.” The voice was slightly higher pitched than Corinne remembered, but there was no mistaking it. She’d heard Jan’s voice in all manner of expressions in their time together. 
Corinne turned with a smile on her face, stomach doing slow flip flops. “Jan! So glad to see you.” She took the woman’s hands and they kissed each other on the cheeks. Corinne could feel her blush creeping up her face. 
Jan looked so good in her tuxedo and slight heels. Corinne still had a few inches on her friend even in flats. She could smell the tea tree oil and sweat mixing to create a heady odor that would always bring her friend to mind. 
“I’m very glad to see you.” Jan’s smile flashed. She looked as happy as she ever had. Maybe happier. “I knew you were in the area but didn’t know if you’d make it.” 
“And miss a chance to see the best jazz combo on the Eastern seaboard? Never! You all sounded amazing.” Jan took her elbow and she let herself be led to the bar. “I can’t wait to do my write up.” 
“Still writing? That’s good to hear.” Jan motioned to the bartender. “I’ll have a vodka soda with lime. And she’ll have…” Jan turned with a raised eyebrow in question. 
“That sounds good. Make it two.” Once they had their drinks they looked around to find a place where they could talk. Corinne spotted a place that would give them a little privacy, where drapery along one wall partially hid a service area. She sipped her soda, enjoying the tartness of the lime and the dry tingle of the bubbles. 
“I owe you an apology.” Jan hadn’t taken the first sip of her drink, her dark eyes looking down at the floor. 
“For what?” Corinne’s voice raised in genuine shock. “I can’t think of anything you’ve done wrong. I mean hell, we haven’t exactly been in touch for you to do anything.” She hoped the last didn’t sound too harsh.
“That’s just it.” Jan looked up. “I got into my own little world and haven’t talked to you in more than eighteen months.” 
“Almost two years,” Corinne said softly. 
“Fuck. You’re right.” Jan took a slurp of her vodka soda. “I was so busy trying to figure myself out and then there was that whole thing with Nick.” She pulled a sour face. 
“What whole thing?” Though they’d been apart, they fell easily into the back and forth they’d enjoyed for those first few months post-op. 
“It turns out he was into boys. Not just gay but he liked them to look young. He thought he’d be okay with my transition, but he missed my…” Jan looked around. “My cock.’ She whispered the last word like it was the filthiest thing. “And that mother fucker dead named me at least twice in bed.” 
“Shit.” Corinne touched Jan’s shoulder. “I’m so sorry.” To use a trans person’s old name was bad enough. To use it while having sex with them? Fuck him. 
“Thanks.” Jan shrugged. “It still burns me up that I wasted so much time with him And then I was an asshole to you. I’ve thought about it a lot lately. I was in denial about how much I liked girls. I thought when I finished transitioning that my attraction to women would go away. I kind of wanted it to. I wanted to be a normal girl. What I didn’t realize was that I could be bi and trans and be a normal girl.” She looked in Corinne’s eyes. “I like you a lot. And I enjoyed what we had. And I wish I had given it the attention it needed.” 
“I… I like you a lot too. It goes both ways.I was shitty to you and I could have called you up any time just to be a friend.” Corinne put her drink down on a nearby tray and put both hands on Jan’s shoulders. “I’ve missed you so much.” 
Jan put her drink down and her arms went around Corinne’s waist. “I’ve missed you too.” The corners of her eyes were damp. They hugged fiercely, Jan’s head under Corinne’s chin. They both sniffled and after a short time, reluctantly release each other. Jan produced a handkerchief and blew her nose. 
Corinne pulled some kleenex from her clutch. She dabbed at her eyes and nose. “So, we were both big jerks and we’re both sorry. What do you say we go to my favorite watering hole and catch up?” 
Jan looked around. “That sounds like an amazing plan. I just have to let my bandmates know I’m being spirited away. We don’t have any other obligations until tomorrow afternoon.” She looked back at Corinne, blushing. “Not that I thought we were going to be together all night.” 
Corinne giggled but had to admit she liked the idea. Parts of her liked the idea very much. But she just wanted to take this one minute at a time. “You go do that. I’ll wait for you out front.” She hadn’t finished her drink but didn’t feel the need to. They grasped hands for a second and then she headed out into the cool evening air. 
Once outside, she pulled out her vape and took a long drag on it. The CBD oil and nicotine would hopefully help her nerves a little. She exhaled a plume of cinnamon-scented vapor and tucked the pen away. Then she pulled out her cell phone and tapped a few notes about their meeting. She’d want to journal this later. Whatever happened this weekend she’d know she would have to talk to her therapist about it. 
After a few minutes, the door opened and shut behind her and it was Jan. The women exchanged hugs again and then walked to her car. “I hope the tour is going well. I don’t know that I could imagine being on a tour bus or whatever with a bunch of other people for weeks on end.” 
Jan laughed as she climbed in the passenger’s side. “It’s not that bad. There’s some drama, but with four of us sharing hotel rooms and being so busy, we don’t have time or inclination for any hanky panky. For the most part, we get to where we’re going, perform, sleep, eat, and go again. Since we’ll be here for a few days we have some free time outside of practice sessions.” 
As Corinne drove, Jan came out of her jacket and shirt, revealing a form-fitting white undershirt. She folded the dress shirt and jacket neatly and put them in the back seat. “Have to make sure I don’t get anything on my tux.” Jan winked. 
Corinne admired her old friend’s figure out of the clunky concert attire. Jan’s arms were toned and she wasn’t wrong about the curves she’d expected were under the jacket. She caught something black on Jan’s arm out of the corner of her eye. When they went under a street light, she squeed.
“You got it!” It was a tattoo of Ravage from the old Transformer’s cartoon. Caught in mid-transformation from deadly panther to audio cassette, the creature stretched from Jan’s shoulder to nearly her elbow.   
Jan giggled and nodded. “I got to know a tattoo artist near our dorms and she sketched out the idea. It’s perfect. You can get a better look at it if you don’t drive us into a lamp post.” 
Corinne had drifted a little trying to get a better look at the ink. She straightened the wheel and shrugged. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to look at your body.” She blushed at the words. 
Jan put a hand on Corinne’s thigh. Nearly under the hem of her little red dress. “Play your cards right and you might get to see all you want.” 
Corinne shivered, both at the touch and the idea. “You’re such a tease.” 
With a squeeze, Jan moved her hand down a little. “When we were… together, we weren’t together.”
Corinne nodded. “And I always regretted that. Everything we had after the hospital was via Skype. I remember how soft your skin was and how much I enjoyed kissing you.” She put her hand over the top of Jan’s and guided it back up her leg. “How much I loved your hands on me.” 
“Put your hand back on the wheel.” Jan exhorted her. Then she moved her hand further up, close enough to reach out and brush the join of Corinne’s legs. “I’ll drive you crazy until we get to the bar.” 
Corinne bit her bottom lip and moaned. Her body felt like it had begun to melt from the inside out. “That won’t take much more than what you’re doing.” She was glad she hadn’t worn stockings or hose. She shifted in the driver’s seat and spread her legs a little. 
“Your skin is so smooth.” Jan crooned as she brushed the hollow of Corinne’s thigh. “I could touch it and kiss it and lick it all night long.”
Corinne made a high pitched noise at the back of her throat. The attention tickled a little but it also felt amazingly sensual. “I would very much like that. My kitty hasn’t gotten that kind of attention for a long time.” She couldn’t remember the last time someone else’s fingers touched her there. Making her pussy ache and her nipples stand at attention, as they were now. 
“Well, my kitty and yours will have to get together and compare notes on what they like.” Jan made a long, drawn-out “ooooo” sound. “Someone wore some very lacy underthings. Were you expecting a hot date tonight?” 
Corinne blushed more deeply, both at the question and at the pressure on her labia. “Sometimes a girl just likes to feel sexy.” 
“Well, lucky for me, you look as sexy as you feel.” Jan pressed in and up, flicking Corinne’s clit through the panties. “And you feel so damned sexy.” 
Unlucky for them both, Corinne pulled into the parking lot of the bar. She pulled into a parking lot and turned towards Jan. “You need to kiss me now.” She put her hand behind Jan’s head and pulled the woman towards her. Their lips met and their kiss was molten and hard. Teeth bumped together and their tongues slid over and under the other woman’s. Corinne sucked Jan’s lips between hers. 
Both of her hands buried in that black silk on Jan’s head, she felt the musician’s nimble fingers cup her breasts and seek out her nipples. The nipple tweaking shot heat from her chest down into her stomach. Corinne moaned into Jan’s mouth. She nodded her head and they kissed, lips smacking. 
“God, yes.” Corinne managed. “You taste so good.” 
Jan undid their seatbelts and clutched at Corinne’s body. One hand found her ass and the other stayed on her breast. There was room enough for Corinne to lever her leg over and straddle Jan’s lap. She rose up on her knees as Jan reached under her skirt to get her fingers on Corinne’s firm backside. 
“I’d eat your pussy out right here.” Jan rasped. “I’d put this seat back and let your straddle my face.” 
Corinne panted. “I want you to eat me, but not here, not now.” She looked down into Jan’s eyes. “I want it to be slow and sweet. In my bed. But right now, kiss me like you missed me.” 
Jan nodded and slid one hand from Corinne’s breast to the back of her neck and pulled her face down. Breathing hard through their noses, their tongues slid past each other. 
Corinne tugged on Jan’s hair and opened her mouth until her jaws cracked. She rocked her hips, trying to grind on whatever she could find.
Both of Jan’s hands went up under her dress and laced fingers at the small of her back. She groaned. 
Corinne moved her hands down to Jan’s chest and filled them with her tits. The petite woman didn’t have a bra on. Jan’s breasts were soft but firm, and small but still a handful. Nipples scraped against Corinne’s palms. 
The insides of Corinne’s windows steamed up as the women’s exhalations and murmurs filled the air. Jan’s kisses found Corinne’s neck and her teeth grazed the soft skin. 
“Fuck. Fuck. Okay, we need to stop before I beg you to fuck me here and now.” Corinne reached out and cracked the door open, letting in cool air. 
Jan laughed weakly. “You wouldn’t have to beg much.” 
Corinne climbed out and stood on shaky legs. She adjusted her dress and tried to fix her hair. 
Jan reached back and got her shirt, pulling it on, but leaving it unbuttoned. She turned up the sleeves and attempted to fix her hair.
Eventually, the pair of women didn’t look as much like they’d just been making out. Holding hands, they walked into the warmth of the bar both smiling brightly. 


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