NeoPussies – Part Three

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Two years later

Corinne sipped the beer she’d been nursing for the last 30 minutes. It was pretty hoppy, and she liked that, but the piney bitterness meant she tended to make them last. Added to that, as a college student, she had to make her money stretch. She fired up her laptop and saw that she had a few emails from her “boss” at the college paper. She wrote a regular column for the school blog and print newspaper that featured local and regional entertainment acts. It was part review and part interview. In the six months she’d been doing it, it had become very popular and she’d actually gotten to interview some acts that were famous beyond her little bubble. 

Cor, here’s a list of some new things coming up. Let me know which ones you’re going to see and if you need vouchers or money. 

That was the best part. The school would pay for some of the shows if they weren’t too pricey. She scanned through the emails and a familiar face caught her eye. The woman’s features were a little angular and the way she was dressed – sharp suit and tie – was masculine or at least androgynous. There was no denying though that she was a woman given her apparent bustline and the fact that Corinne had seen her naked. 

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