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Just a little more wordplay. I’m working on the next installment of “I’ve Never Done This Before” and should have that up later this week. I’m also working on a story potentially for Enjoy!

There’s something about that alternating light and dark, covered and nude, the diamond-shaped pattern of skin that fires my libido and traps my heart. Seeing your sweet feet curling and releasing, stretching your tights and letting them relax, sends shivers down my spine.

Knowing I can take your big toe – freed from its prison – into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it, electrifies my lust like current into a guitar. My lust goes from the quiet drip of a distant tap to the roaring growl of a waterfall.

My tongue moves across the lattice-work covering your arch, speedbumps as my passion accelerates to dangerous levels. But instead of slowing me down, I want to speed up. I want to slip my fingers into the webbing covering your long legs and do my best to shred it.

I know instead that I’ll be ensnared by your beauty – a slave to your will. You’ll tell me to slow down or speed up. You’ll move me up and down your legs, eventually letting me access your thighs, already covered by a steady flow of sticky-sweet arousal. Your pussy tries to escape its prison, pressing against the cage.

I growl as I strive to help free it, allowed only teeth and tongue. Your hands fist in my hair alternating between holding me back and drawing me in. Your legs come over my shoulders, their agenda just as unclear.

You give my hands permission to climb the ladder all the way to your breasts – nipples erect and free of restraints. I squeeze them as my tongue finally slides deeply into you, joining your molten core to mine. I suck your clit and lips, covering my face in your juices.

Finally, exquisitely, you come against my face and I know I could drown in you. I could be smothered by your love, ensnared by your lure. Your beauty hauling me in and gutting me exquisitely.

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