I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Four)

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Bev smiled at my sudden spunkiness. She slapped my ass a couple of times, laughing at me. “You seem quite comfortable with ass play.”

I bit my lip and gave her my most smoldering glance. “You like that, don’t you?” I pushed back just a little to let her know I’m ready for more. “Slow and steady.”

She held onto my hips to steady us both. She eased further into me. 

Our eyes stayed locked on one another as I continued looking over my shoulder. “Oh just like that. God, you’re so beautiful back there. Dig your nails in. Really hold on to me.”

I felt her fingernails nearly break the skin as her strap on pushed in farther.

“That feels so good. I’m getting so full.” I moaned the words out as I hung my head down, relaxing my body. 

“I love your back.” Bev’s voice dripped with passion. “Your curves are so beautiful at this angle.” She eased al the way in and stopped, letting my body acclimate to the level of penetration.

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

“Oh, you really do know what you’re doing.” My eyes rolled back in my head. I love the feeling, but rarely let anyone do this because most didn’t know how to take their time and make it pleasurable for me. “Play with my cunt a little?” My request was almost a whimper. I caressed my breasts. “God I’m dripping wet for you. You make me feel so beautiful.”

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