I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Four)

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Bev smiled at my sudden spunkiness. She slapped my ass a couple of times, laughing at me. “You seem quite comfortable with ass play.”

I bit my lip and gave her my most smoldering glance. “You like that, don’t you?” I pushed back just a little to let her know I’m ready for more. “Slow and steady.”

She held onto my hips to steady us both. She eased further into me. 

Our eyes stayed locked on one another as I continued looking over my shoulder. “Oh just like that. God, you’re so beautiful back there. Dig your nails in. Really hold on to me.”

I felt her fingernails nearly break the skin as her strap on pushed in farther.

“That feels so good. I’m getting so full.” I moaned the words out as I hung my head down, relaxing my body. 

“I love your back.” Bev’s voice dripped with passion. “Your curves are so beautiful at this angle.” She eased al the way in and stopped, letting my body acclimate to the level of penetration.

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

“Oh, you really do know what you’re doing.” My eyes rolled back in my head. I love the feeling, but rarely let anyone do this because most didn’t know how to take their time and make it pleasurable for me. “Play with my cunt a little?” My request was almost a whimper. I caressed my breasts. “God I’m dripping wet for you. You make me feel so beautiful.”

Bev leaned forward, reaching underneath me. She rubbed between my lips, on either side of my clit. “You are beautiful. How could anyone not love your body for what it is?”

I arched my back, squeaking at the sudden stimulation. My ass was so full and my clit well stimulated. “You can start moving a little. I want to feel you fuck me.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I could hear the smile in Bev’s voice. She started moving slowly, in and out. All the way in, almost all the way out and continued rubbing around my clit. “Fuck, you are wet.”

I nod and pant as her fingers tease my opening. Breathy moans pass my lips. She starts to move faster and faster. The amount of stimulation makes my head spin and bright colors flash behind my eyelids. 

“So. Full.” I could feel my tits swing as I backed against her. “I. Love. This. So. Much.” Each word punctuated by a thrust. 

Bev stopped moving back and forth and assisted my continued motions with her hands on my hips. “Mmmm, who’s fucking whom now?”

“Pull my hair back. I want you to bite my neck while we fuck. I don’t care who’s fucking who as long as we’re fucking. I want you to fuck me all night.”

Bev leaned forward and wrapped her hand in my hair. She pulled back, not suddenly but still with strength, and leaned further forward to bite me. Her breath on my neck raised goosebumps.

“Careful what you wish for, remember I’m a professional.” Bev chuckled.

I purred as she bit my neck. “I’m not fragile. I work out every day. Let’s do this.”  

“Fuck yes.” Bev pulled my hair hard and her speed increased. “Mmmmm. I like you more and more.” She bit me just a little harder, and suck on my skin.

“Oh god, yes. Right there.” I clenched my muscles harder around her dildo creating more friction.

Bev became more aggressive, pulling a little harder. Her thighs slapped against mine. “I love watching you get fucked. Especially when I’m the one fucking you.”

“Oh god. Oh god.” The pitch of my voice got higher with each syllable.”Oh god, I think I’m gonna…” And then my orgasm hit. The forbidden and erotic nature of this all comes together. The intensity is far beyond anything I’ve experienced before. A spattering of liquid shoots out from my cunt.

“Oh fuck yes,” I whine and whimper. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t fucking stop.”

Bev kept moving, just as hard. One hand pulled my hair and the other dug into the flesh of my ass and hip. 

I stopped moving and come up slowly so she could remain in me while I was on my knees. I reached back and grabbed her hair.

She bit my neck as her arms came around me. She squeezed your breasts tightly with both hands.

“No one’s ever done that to me before. I didn’t think it was real.” My breasts nearly spilled out of her hands.

She stopped biting and sucking my neck long enough to answer me. “I’m happy I could be the one to show you just how real it can be.”

“I know I said don’t stop but I need to kiss you so badly.”

She pulled out of me slowly and pushed me down onto the bed, on my side.

I rolled onto my back and came up to kiss her. Her mouth opened to me, my tongue, and all its promise. I wrapped my arms and legs around her, tears at the corners of my eyes.

“Oh baby, are you ok?” She gently wiped the tears away with her fingers. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

I bit my lip and shook my head. “No one’s ever loved me like that. I’ve always been with men who were too rough and just wanted what they wanted. But you really cared about what I felt and what I wanted. And kiss me so I stop talking.”

She smiled and kissed me again. “You are worthy of being loved in exactly the way you want to be loved.” Bev kissed me again, deeper. Our tongues danced as the warmth and happiness spilled from my eyes. 

I let her kiss me and hold me for a few minutes.

She wiped my tears away and then kissed each cheekbone gently. After looking at me, she kissed my mouth again. Gently.

“You know what else I’ve never done?” I sniffed and smiled shyly.

 “Tell me.” Bev’s eyes shone. 

“Tasted someone else’s pussy.” After all I’d done I wasn’t sure I had a blush left in me, but I did. 

Bev hummed and smiled. “Well, I can certainly help you with that one.”

I raise up to unbuckle the strapon from around her hips and licked my lips.

Still, on her knees, Bev asked, “how would you like me?”

“I don’t even know. Maybe lay on your back and I’ll get between your thighs?” My mouth was watering and my stomach did flip flops. 

“I can do that.” Bev rolled down onto her back, rubbing her pussy lightly with one hand. Legs parted for me. She had a full bush on her mound, but the area from the top of her slit down was shaved.

I situated myself between her legs. “Did you do this yourself?” I petted her ‘fur’. It was soft and there was a slight part in it from a scar. 

“Ha. I did. I like to play with my haircuts, and this is my current mood. My client from earlier prefers a fuller bush.” She lay with her hands behind her head. 

“Nice work.” I touch her lips with my fingertips. They were so soft. And different from mine. “I’m around pussies a lot in my salon. I don’t do the waxes very often but sometimes help. Yours is very pretty.”  I leaned down and kissed the center of her bush.

“Mmmm.” Her smile broadened. “So gentle. A lovely touch you have. And thank you.” She reached down and caressed my cheek briefly. Then she propped herself on her elbows. “I want to watch you discover pussy for the first time.”

I kissed each of her lips in turn and then the hollows of her thighs. Next, I gave that smooth, soft skin a long slow lick. “You smell yummy.” And she tasted even better. Her moisture covered her thighs. It was slightly salty and clean. 

Bev’s head fell back as she moaned softly. “I have a feeling payback is hell. Sweet, sweet hell.”

 I scraped that tender skin millimeters away from her lips with my teeth.

“Just as I feared. Oh, fuck!! For not having ever licked one, you certainly know your way around.”

“I know what I like. Are you taking notes?” I grinned and sucked on the insides of her thighs a little farther away from her slit.

“Not shy on confidence either I see.  And yes. Yes, I am.” She flinched a little and shivered.

My tongue moved in long slow licks back up almost to her lips. My hands stabilized me on the bed. I rained kisses from the thigh crease on her right leg up to her hip bone.

 “Oh my god. You are going to kill me.“ Her nails scratch at the covers. 

“This is something you can’t do as well on me.” I put my teeth directly on your hip bone and just nibble away. My hands move to her knees, holding her thighs down.

She cried out, her head dropping back. “I get so ticklish when I’m turned on. It’s my kryptonite.”

“Oh good.” I went back to nibbling and sucking on that knob of bone.

Bev groaned.  “I’m so fucked. But in such a good way.”

I kiss across her belly. My nose filled with her scent. I couldn’t believe this was happening. “So flat and yummy.” I swirled my tongue in her belly button, continuing to the other hip. “See, I took notes too.”

“Oh fuck!” Bev jumped again. “Such a tease.”

“Are you wet, yet?” I slurp on her hip. I knew I would be. In fact, I was dripping down my legs. My hands massaged her thighs, thumbs SO CLOSE to her lips.

 “You know I am. I was already wet when I was fucking you. Now you’re going to cause another wet spot.” She arched up to try to catch my mouth with her pussy

I pressed down harder on her thighs. “You’re strong. And you smell so good.” I met her arch with my mouth and kissed the very top of her slit.

“Oh god!!” Bev thrashed. 

My velvet lips on her silken skin. It was heaven. 

“Your mouth feels so good.” The last two words were higher pitched. 

I put my lips around her clit and sucked very lightly. My thumbs caught her lips and spread them delicately. My longer nails brushed her flesh.

Bev lay back, off of her elbows. She moaned and her head rocked side to side. 

This was the part where I got nervous and I wasn’t sure why. I pulled my head back, stuck my tongue out, and used the stiff muscle like I would a cock. I pushed it into her folds.

 Bev raised her head to look at me. She smiled softly. “Just play with my clit like you’d play with my tongue. And kiss it like you’d kiss me, with your tongue too.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled around my tongue. I kissed her clit softly. I knew this. I knew what was likely to work and here I was with my tongue out like some teenage boy. Not at all down on myself, I brought my tongue to bear and lapped in broad strokes up and down putting medium pressure on the sensitive bud.

“You’re doing fine. Don’t be nervous.” Bev purred. “That feels so good. Mmmmm. That’s perfect.” She nodded as she encouraged me. 

I swirled my tongue soft and slow around her clit, imaging it’s like a tongue in miniature. I thought about her soft mouth and lips, the hood like the latter.

“Oh my god. Fuckkkkk. You’re getting it.” 

I slid my longest finger into her slit, careful with my nail. I knew where my own G-spot was and started to search slowly for hers, paying some attention to the noises she was making.

 “Your tongue is straight from heaven.” I moaned and gasped, “You’re over it. Oh god, right there.”

I stopped my search and applied gentle circular pressure. I was giddy that I was making her feel so good. 

 “Oh fuckkk. My God. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

My heart was beating my throat. I wanted to stop and thank her for the praise but I don’t want to break rhythm. I shook my head slowly, aware that that was going to have some interesting potential affects.

Bev moaned again. “I want to watch you but fuck!!”

I added the fingers on either side of my middle finger, careful again for my nails. I’ve drawn blood on myself once.

“My god that feels good. Three is my perfect number of fingers.” She gasped and started panting. 

Her clit felt huge under my tongue. My jaw and tongue started to get a little tired but I was determined to keep at it, my pussy dripping onto the backs of my legs.

She started to move her hips against my mouth and fingers. “I’m getting so close. Please suck on my clit.” She let out a high pitched squeak. “And please don’t stop those fingers.”

Confident now and noticing your change, I speed up my fingers and suck on your clit harder than I had before.

“Fuck yes!! That’s it. Please don’t stop!” Her hips bucked against me. 

I thought about the clit like a miniature penis now and used some of my blow job skills on it. Bev moved her hips with me, breathing harder and harder. I sucked and swirled and sucked and swirled, groaning with pleasure. 

“Oh fuck. You’re gonna make me….”

My lips never broke away.

“And I can’t breathe.” Her whole body seized up. She alternated between gasping and holding her breath.

I keep going, moaning and humming, watching her muscles clench and unclench. 

Bev’s whole body convulsed and froze. As the orgasm started to dissipate, she put her hand on my cheek. “Ok, stay still.” She whispered gruffly. “Please don’t pull your fingers out.” Her pussy was still squeezing my fingers, spasming around them.

As she finally started to relax, she pulled my chin up towards her, “come kiss me, please.”

I pulled my fingers out and sucked them off, making a show of it. “Yours is so different than mine. Taste. Texture. Everything.” I met her lips

We kissed passionately, teeth nipping at tongues and lips. She broke the kiss first after we were both breathless. “In my profession, I don’t often come across people I really want to kiss like this.”

Giddy at the compliment and the amazing orgasm I’d just given, I smiled. Leered, even. “What makes me different?”

“I’m not sure. Not many clients, not that you’re a client, but not many clients have any interest in making me feel good. You are special. And I loved being your first woman.”

I blushed from head to toe.

“Kiss me again.”

I devoured her mouth, but there is a new emotion in my eyes

She put her hands on my face. Looking me in the eyes and pulling back. “You are a very special woman. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you aren’t.” And she brought me back in to kiss her again.

We lay there, me on top of her body, our hands playing and lips sliding against one another. I could feel her leg applying rhythmic pressure on my pussy. “How special am I to you? I’m not naive. I understand that you and I hooked up in a bar and that if your client had shown up this wouldn’t have happened.”

“Let’s just say I’m very happy he didn’t show. I’d like to spend the night with you. Can you stay?” Bev’s eyes lit up.

I bit my lip and nodded. “I don’t want to go home anyway. There’s nobody there. I don’t have anybody in my life right now. So yes if you’d let me I’d stay.”

“I’d love for you to stay.” She smiled the biggest smile I’d seen since we’d started our evening. 

“And I’m glad he didn’t show up either. That neither of our dates showed up was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Cuddle with me a bit. Let me just hold you. We have all night.”

“Ah, I’m touched you would say that.” She kissed my temple. 

I snuggled against her, happy and satisfied

She wrapped her arms around me, stroking my hair.

Between the body heat and soft touches, I wasn’t awake long.

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