I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Three)

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I shimmied my hips, trying to move up the bed so her mouth will go lower. I wanted her tongue to tease the thin red landing strip that ran down to my slit.

As if sensing my desire, Bev pulled my panties down a little bit and licked just above my hairline. “Isn’t that a lovely shade of red.” She teased around the line with her tongue, waiting for my reaction.

I reached down and grabbed her hair, mewling in frustration. “I’m swimming in my panties. At least take them all the way off.” I wasn’t exaggerating. I was wetter than I remembered being in quite some time. The teasing was having the desired effect. 

 Bev chuckled, her alto voice rumbling a little, and conceded. She pulled them all the way off and sat back to admire me for a few seconds. “My God you are beautiful.” She leaned back down and started at my inner calf with her tongue.

My thick, pink lips completely covered my clit and inner lips. Even as aroused as I was, there was little peeking out. I could feel wetness seeping from them down further between my thighs. 

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

Bev traced a wet line from my calf, to my knee and up the inside of my thigh. It tickled, but at the same time was amazing. I bit my lip and watched her work my body.

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