I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Three)

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I shimmied my hips, trying to move up the bed so her mouth will go lower. I wanted her tongue to tease the thin red landing strip that ran down to my slit.

As if sensing my desire, Bev pulled my panties down a little bit and licked just above my hairline. “Isn’t that a lovely shade of red.” She teased around the line with her tongue, waiting for my reaction.

I reached down and grabbed her hair, mewling in frustration. “I’m swimming in my panties. At least take them all the way off.” I wasn’t exaggerating. I was wetter than I remembered being in quite some time. The teasing was having the desired effect. 

 Bev chuckled, her alto voice rumbling a little, and conceded. She pulled them all the way off and sat back to admire me for a few seconds. “My God you are beautiful.” She leaned back down and started at my inner calf with her tongue.

My thick, pink lips completely covered my clit and inner lips. Even as aroused as I was, there was little peeking out. I could feel wetness seeping from them down further between my thighs. 

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

Bev traced a wet line from my calf, to my knee and up the inside of my thigh. It tickled, but at the same time was amazing. I bit my lip and watched her work my body.

I let out a shuddering moan as her tongue teased the crease where my thigh and pussy met.

She flicked her tongue over from one inner thigh to the other, carefully avoiding my clit. The slick of juices running from where my lips end down my perineum increased.“I love how wet you are.” Bev’s eyes blazed up into mine. 

I lightly kicked her back with the soles of my feet. “You’re torturing me. Don’t stop.” My plea was almost a whine and little more than a whisper. She continued teasing and I was just about to beg her to fuck me when – in mid complaint – her mouth moved swiftly to my clit and covered it, lips and all.

“Ahhhhhh… Oh my god. Yes,” I screamed.

With my lips in her mouth, she slid her tongue slowly up between your lips to my clit, parting the sea of sex. She slurped like a dam burst onto her tongue.

I pushed against her trying to fuck the nimble muscle. 

 Instead of thrusting into me, she started licking you up and down in earnest, drinking in how wet I was. She broke the seal of her mouth over my pussy and reached lower. Starting at my asshole, she slowly licked upward, taking in everything I’d leaked so far. 

“You taste so sweet.” Her voice was thick, throat coated with what she’d swallowed. 

“God that’s felt good!” Good didn’t do it justice. My heart leapt in my chest, hammering at my ribcage. My brain was lit up like a fourth of July sky. Muscles I didn’t know I had twitched. 

Once she’d caught most of me juices, her tongue focused again on my clit. She flicked, licked and sucked, watching how I rode her tongue. Those maddeningly attractive eyes boring into me. 

I massaged my breasts with one hand while running my fingers through her short brown hair. “You’re so beautiful between my legs.” My voice was breathy and tender. 

“Mmmmm,” was all Bev could manage as her mouth stayed busy. One of my feet jittered as she hit a good spot. She stuck there, sensing my reaction, and licking my tongue, focused on that spot.

“Fuck yes.” I managed to gasp out. “God, I should have had a woman ages ago.”

I swear I could see Bev Smile, even as her tongue worked my clit. She worked in earnest staying on that spot I’d reacted to

I rocked side to side her hair brushing my soft thighs. I didn’t want this to end. “So good. So good. So gooooood good right there.” With each word, my pitch grew higher and my voice breathier.  I tried to keep my eyes on hers. It was so hard to not squeeze them shut in pleasure

“Do I taste good?” I whimpered.

“Yes, you do. Like peaches.” 

“Mmmmmm. Come up and kiss me.” I pleaded.

She raised her head slowly, grazing my clit with her wet chin. As I shivered, she eased up towards my face and leaned down to kiss me.

Her chin was shining, all around her mouth, my essence glistened. I licked her lips. “Fuck me. I do.” I kissed and sucked her chin, lips, and tongue trying to get every molecule. 

Bev pulled back just long enough to lick her fingers and reach down to wet the dildo pressing against my stomach. Then she came back to kiss me. She slid her tongue between my lips and I sucked on it greedily. 

Guiding it with her hand, she slid into my wetness slowly while still kissing me, covering my mouth with her. Her eyes watching me intently to absorb the reaction when she first pierced me.

The dildo was about the same size as the one I kept in my bedside table. I took it easily enough, but it’s not hard to make my moan extra slutty. The knowledge that it’ wa a woman fucking me brought a very naughty look to my face. The long drawn out “ooooo” continues until I felt it bottom out. 

“That’s quite the hard cock you have, sir.” I managed to gasp out the sentence.

 “The better to fuck you with, ma’am.” Bev chuckled and pulled back to thrust harder.

“Oh.” The sound was equal parts campy playing along and legitimate pleasure. “Oh fuck that’s good.”

“So deep.” Bev’s voice was a little husky.

 I hooked my legs around her calves to hold her to me.

“Mmmm. I love to fuck women.” She held herself up on her elbows so she could look into my eyes. 

“You’re so good at it.” Her rhythm was regular and steady. I started to rock my hips to meet her slow movements. The dildo was hitting me in ways most cocks I’ve had didn’t. 

Bev raised up a little on her elbows and looked down at my body. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.” 

I blushed at the praise and gasped when the increased angle made her hit the right spot. “Oh just like that.” My softness jiggled under her movements.

Bev leaned down to kiss me, her lips soft but passionate. 

“This is the best part.” I sucked on her lips. “You’re such a good kisser.”

She smiled, and smothered my mouth with hers.

Our tongues entangled inside our mouths, testing each other. I moaned as she explored and I tried nipping at her tongue. She put her weight on me and began grinding. 

She broke the kiss and smiled. “You are easy to kiss. We just gel in that way.”

“Flatterer.” I felt like my skin was about to burst into flames. The ache between my legs intensifying. I started to move my hips faster to meet her thrusts. This part at least I was familiar with. 

Bev’s hands were buried in my hair. “But isn’t this so much softer than with a man?”

“So much.” I kissed her softly, my hands on her hips. “Do you… Do you like to have your ass played with?” I don’t know where the shyness came from given how we’d been spending out night so far. 

There was a wicked gleam in Bev’s eyes. “I do. Play away.” She nuzzled my neck, and then kissed me again. She was starting to move a little faster now.

I massaged her round your ass. “It’s so firm.”

“In my line of work, it gets a lot of activity.” She groaned and moved faster. “I love the way your hands feel on my skin.”

I ran one finger tentatively up and down the split. Pushing into the warmth. Panting, I met her thrusts. “God that’s so good.” 

When my finger touched her tight sphincter she gasped. “Fuck that feels good.”

“You like that?” I push a little harder. “I love to have my ass fucked.”

She came back down to kiss me but stopped short, her eyes boring into mine. “Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

My eyes widen. “Could you?” I smile. “Well of course you could. Yes please!” I was eager to get as many experiences as I could in one night. 

“I’d be happy to oblige.” Bev kissed my nose. Then, she raised up onto her knees, pulling out as she did. “I have some lube in my purse.”

I giggled at our combined enthusiasm. Then I turned over on my hands and knees, and presented my broad, round, pale ass to her. I made sure I was near enough the edge that she could stand on the floor. 

“Oh it’s like that, is it?” She reached over to her purse on the bedside table and grabbed the lube. She squeezed some onto her fingers and rubbed it into the crack of my ass. 

It was cool and I shivered, moaning when she put pressure on my exit. I looked over my shoulder to see her stroke her cock to make sure there was plenty in play. 

Bev stepped closer and rubbed her hands all over my skin. I was surprised they didn’t sizzle. Gently holding my hips, she guided the cock slowly into my ass. Just the tip at first.

“Oh, Jesus.” The fullness felt so damn good. I wiggled my ass at her. “Slap it a little if you like it.” I kept my eyes on her. I didn’t know where this newfound confidence was coming from, but I suspected it was all the attention being lavished on me.


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