I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Two)

Read part one here – https://sorcharowan.com/2019/08/23/ive-never-done-this-before-part-one/

Bev took my desire to be loved and touched seriously. She leaned in and kissed me long and slow. It was different than any kiss I’d been on the receiving end of before. She demanded as much from me as she gave, her tongue coaxing mine into the interplay. We were equals and soon I cast aside more and more of my nervousness. 

I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she groaned. I grabbed the back of her neck and put my heart and soul into fucking my mouth with her tongue. Her hands found my breasts and raked down them with her nails. My dress and bra shielded them from scratches but not from the delicious pressure. 

She pulled her tongue away from my mouth and I moaned in disappointment. 

“Oh don’t worry, dear, I’m not leaving you alone.” She pushed my hair away from my neck and buried her face against my skin. She licked and nibbled and swirled her tongue against the wetness she was creating. 

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

The sensations went straight to my head and my pussy, making me dizzy with desire. 

With one hand she continued working my breast. “You’re so beautiful,” Bev whispered against my skin.

“I’m not.” I wanted to giggle but gasped instead.

She stopped and stood. “I need you to see how beautiful you are.” She held out her hand and I took it. She lead me to a mirror in the bedroom, the king-size bed neatly made and calling to us. “Stand there.” 

I stood in front of the three panes of glass, showing me my body from a few different angles. I saw the same fat redhead that greeted me every morning. My hair was mussed and my neck was read. My lips were plump from the kissing. And because everything I had was plump.  

Bev stood behind me, towering a few inches over me. She moved my hair to the right side of my neck and sniffed it. “You smell wonderful.” She kissed my neck and shoulder tenderly. “You taste wonderful.” She unzipped my dress and slowly worked it over my breasts revealing the black lace and satin working to constrain my large breasts. “I see a beautiful woman.”

I could see my own blushing face looking back at me from the mirror. If I squinted I could see beauty.

“Can I undress you more?” Nev’s voice was husky. 

My weak nod and slightly stronger “Yes. Please.” gave her all the permission she needed. My stomach was doing flips and I swear I could see the pulse in my neck.  

As she kissed my neck and bare shoulders, her hands came around to underneath my breasts, cupping them. She squeezed them lightly, and we both watched in the mirror to see how my cleavage looked.

I bit my lip and moaned at the attention she was giving me. 

Her hands moved up to my shoulders, taking her bra straps in her fingers. She pulled them down my arms, letting her bra flip down, exposing my milky white breasts. The shock of cool air and all the touching had brought my nipples to full attention, the dark read a star contrast. 

Our eyes met and I see the appreciation in Bev’s eyes. The hunger in both our eyes. 

Bev brought her hands back behind me to unhook my bra. She slid it off my arms and let it drop. Then those long-fingered hands come back around, sliding up my rib cage to cup my breasts once again. This time she squeezed harder, pulling them up at the same time.

I moaned and push back against Bev. “Oh Jesus, yes.” 

Bev rolled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, then she slowly slid one hand down from my breast to my waist. “You’re so god damned soft.” I watched her bite her lip as she locked eyes with me. She smiled as her hand slid underneath the waistband of my panties

“I’ve never had a woman touch me like this before.” Or in any way. I felt heat rush to the surface of my skin all over. 

“How does it feel?” Bev’s eyes were alight with wicked thoughts. She didn’t wait for my answer as she moved her hand down farther south, moving her fingers through my trimmed bush. She eased a finger on either side of my clit.

I tried to answer but all that came out was a breathy moan. My skin felt like it was going to burst into flame and my core turned to jello.

Bev had one of my nipples between finger and thumb, her teeth against my neck, and those wicked fingers moved up and down on either side of my clit. She bit my neck hard and sucked on it, the pain and pleasure blending.

My whole body trembled like an overtightened guitar string. I panted, the high pitched mewling noise like none I ever remember making.

Bev’s breathing had quickened and her fingers started to move rhythmically around my clit. The only reason I could still stand was her weight behind me and the hand on my breast. She slid her fingers down deeper, from the valleys on either side of my clit. 

“You’re wet as fuck, my dear.” I felt her slide those two fingers inside me and her palm put pressure against my clit.

“I didn’t know it could feel this good.” Sex with anyone, that is. My words had a desperate edge to them. 

Bev’s other arm moved under my breasts, to cup the far one. She used that arm to stabilize me, and lift me up to allow her fingers to move deeper inside me. “Yes darlin’, nobody can make you feel as good as another woman can.”  Her fingers slid in and out, her palm slowly rubbing my clit as she did. Adding pressure here and there.

I could feel what I suspected was a strap on that Bev wore under her pants as it ground against my ass. I couldn’t help the wanton groan and I pressed hard against it.

“Mmmmm. Oh is that what you want?” She pulled her hand out of me and pushed my dress and panties to the floor. I heard the zipper open slowly. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you…” I stammered. “I want you slamming against me. Filling my cunt.” I never used that word.

“Step out.” Bev supported me by the elbow while I stepped out of the puddle my dress and panties made. I still wore my stockings, held up by their elastic. She turned me around to face her.

I licked my lips nervously, eyes flicking up and down Bev’s body.

She took a step towards me, eyes intent on my every move. She leaned slowly in, so close to my mouth. Her eyes on mine. 

I couldn’t move. 

She stuck her tongue out and ran it along the length of my bottom lip.

My lip trembled. My eyes are full of lust and hunger. I tried to catch her tongue with mine and I sensed she let me. We were tongue to tongue and I swirled mine around hers, our wet flesh toying with each other. 

Bev enveloped our tongues with her mouth, kissing me hard and growling.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in. I crushed my body against hers like a wave against the beach and tried to give as good as I get but I was still holding back a little, afraid that I’d do something wrong. 

She kissed me deeply, tongues entwined. Her mouth was hungry for me. I’d been kissed before but never with this much need. 

She wrapped her arms around my waist, slipping her hands down my almost bare ass. 

I hummed into her mouth, grinding my mound against the hard length I still craved.

Bev’s nimble fingers slipped underneath my panties to better pull my body against hers by my butt cheeks. She stopped kissing me and nudged my chin up. She nibbled at my neck, moving her hands up and down my back.

I let my head fall all the way back and exposed as much of my neck as I could. My hips didn’t know what to do – whether to push against her hands or into her pelvis.

Her eager lips moved down to the center of the bottom of my neck, between my collarbones. She nibbled and licked at my collarbones, sliding her tongue along the length of them.

My moan was almost a shuddering cry of ecstasy. That’s when I felt the fake cock slide in between my thighs, against my barely covered pussy. Just a tease. I whined and pouted a little. “Mean.”

“Hehe, you’re aching for it, aren’t you?” She started walking me over to the bed, all the while kissing me, kissing my jawline until the backs of my knees were against the foot of the bed.

I started to fall backward, and Bev did nothing to stop me, just watching as I landed and bounced a little.

Then she leaned forward and put first one knee on the bed, then the other. One knee between mine, the other to one side.

Coyly, I cupped my breasts and moved one nipple to my mouth, sucking on it. I wanted some of the power back. I wanted to make her feel as sexy as I did.

“Mmmm. I love watching you do that.” She leaned down to suck on my other nipple and then ran her tongue down to my panty line. Slowly. She licked across from one hip to the other, right below my tummy bulge. It felt like a line of icy fire trailed behind her tongue.

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