I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Two)

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Bev took my desire to be loved and touched seriously. She leaned in and kissed me long and slow. It was different than any kiss I’d been on the receiving end of before. She demanded as much from me as she gave, her tongue coaxing mine into the interplay. We were equals and soon I cast aside more and more of my nervousness. 

I sucked her tongue into my mouth and she groaned. I grabbed the back of her neck and put my heart and soul into fucking my mouth with her tongue. Her hands found my breasts and raked down them with her nails. My dress and bra shielded them from scratches but not from the delicious pressure. 

She pulled her tongue away from my mouth and I moaned in disappointment. 

“Oh don’t worry, dear, I’m not leaving you alone.” She pushed my hair away from my neck and buried her face against my skin. She licked and nibbled and swirled her tongue against the wetness she was creating. 

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

The sensations went straight to my head and my pussy, making me dizzy with desire. 

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