I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Five)

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Lips on my shoulder and a soft pair of hands woke me up. I managed to hear my own soft snore before I startled from sleep. “Huh? What?” I blinked down into her eyes. Bev’s eyes. “Ok. So it wasn’t just the best dream ever.” I’d never woken up on top of someone before. 

“Mmmmm. That was no dream baby.  That was all real.” She lightly massaged my back with one hand, and brought the other hand to my face, softly caressing my cheek.

I blushed hotly against her hand. My eyes looked away and back to her. “Thank you. For everything.”

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

Bev smiled sweetly. “No, thank you. I know I do this all the time, but last night was a very special treat.” She reached both hands down to my butt cheeks and squeezed lightly. Then she shifted me over to where my mound was centered over her leg. She raised it slightly and began moving it side to side. 

My momentary self-consciousness over my breath and hair and everything got pushed to the background as my world narrowed down to that one point of contact. I gasped at the delicious friction. “I want to but… I have to tinkle first.”

“Ok, I’ll be right here.”

I got up as gracefully as I could and sauntered towards the bathroom. My bladder really was about to burst but I still put a swing in my hips.

“I love your ass.” Bev’s voice called after me.

I threw a wink back at her before going through the door.

Pissing stung a little. It had been a while since I’ve seen that much stimulation in one night. I dabbed dry and there’s no blood. I held my fart in until I flushed and grabbed some mouthwash to swish while I washed my hands.

I came back out of the bathroom, my hair still a mess, and she was laughing. “This really is a nice place.” My nipples were hard from arousal and the chill of the room. I jogged to the bed and slipped back in where it was warm.

She held the covers up while I slipped back in and I could hear the click of a mint against her teeth. “Now, where were we?”

“Right about here.” I pressed my lips to hers, my arms wrapping around her.

She returned the kiss and opened her mouth to me. Her arms came around my back, massaging it here and there.

My tongue slipped into her mouth. Exploring the soft warmth. I hummed at the taste of mint. I brought one hand up to caress her cheek and neck.

Bev held me tight and kissed me more deeply. Hungrily.

After enjoying the kiss and the passion behind it I pulled back. “You freshened up too.” I winked and reached down between us and cup one breast.

“I did. A little trade secret.” She moaned a little. Her nipples were already hard.

“You’re so sexy.” My head swooped down and sucked the nipple I’d been playing with into my mouth.

 Her head went back immediately. “Fuck! Your mouth!!” 

My hand traveled to between her legs and massaged her mound,.

Her hands in my hair, she moaned louder. “I’m so wet for you.” Her hips moved to meet my hand. Legs spread, she tilted those beautiful hips and opened to me. 

My full lips made a tight seal around her areola and I sucked like I was trying to empty a milkshake in one go.

Bev cried out in pleasure. “I’m so sensitive this morning.”

I let that breast pop free and did the same to the other. My fingers slowly creeped towards her slit

“Oh my god.” Both of her hands gripped my head, holding on for dear life. Her hips tried to encourage my hand to speed up.

My nails lightly teased her clit as I went back and forth on her breasts like they were the best tasting popsicles in the world.

She raised my head to watch me and then let it fall back again. “Fuck, me, this feels so good. I’m used to being the one in control.”

I kissed my way down her stomach.  “Let’s. See. If. I. Remember. My. Lessons.” Each word punctuated by a kiss.

 “Oh fuck.” She jumped at each kiss, shivering. “So ticklish when horny. The more turned on, the more ticklish.”

I kissed her hips. Her mound. Her thighs. Long eyelashes and hair tickled her skin.

“Ahhhh!!” She twitched with each movement. Her hands came up and grabbed her own breasts, squeezing them.

I kissed all the way down to her feet and started sucking your toes. The clear polish caught the light. 

“Oh my god!” Bev laughed. “You don’t play fair at all.” She held her head up with one hand, watching me. Her other hand still on one breast. She watched my mouth, my eyes. “Fuck, you are beautiful.”

I batted my eyelashes at her, not believing a word but hoping it’s true. I took three toes into my mouth and worked my tongue through and around them.

“Oh my god! You’re driving me crazy”

I pulled my mouth off with a pop and started licking the sole of that foot, treating it like it was a big fat cock

“Oh fuck.” Her leg tensed as if trying to pull her foot away, but she didn’t. “I think you had more knowledge than just what you gained last night”

I reached up between her legs and slid two fingers into her soft wetness without stopping my mouth’s actions

“Oh Jesus!” She brought her one free foot up so she could have leverage to raise herself to meet my fingers.”I want to so bad. I ache for you.”

I took all five toes in my mouth. I had to stretch my lips to make it work. I started fucking my mouth.

“Oh. My. God.” Moaning, her eyes were rolled back in her head.

I tried to take as much of her in my mouth as I could. Teeth and tongue teasing her.

Her head was rolling back and forth. Panting, she managed a few words. “I want you so baaaad.” 

I bent her knee so I could fuck her pussy harder with my fingers, but kept the same pace. I hit her G spot, still moving slowly.

“I’m going to come quickly like this.” Bev groaned. 

I nodded my head. “Mmmmhmmm.”

 She kept her eyes locked on mine, begging me wordlessly

I can feel it coming, tightening around my fingers. My hand sped up. I could sense her trying to hold it back.

Her head fell back one last time and her back arched up. “Oh fucckkkkkk!!!” Spasming all over, she reached down with one hand and grabbed my hand, holding it still. She started grunting and kept spasming on my fingers. Eventually, the tremors began to subside. Gasping, she swallowed and tried to speak. 

“I don’t know what you did but damn.” As my body continued to calm down, she crooked her finger at me.  “Come up here.”

“I watch a lot of porn.” I managed after I let your foot free from my mouth. Looking at the spit coated digits, I shook my head and pressed your foot between my thighs.

“Well, your research certainly paid off,” Bev said as she moved her foot gently against my pussy.

I moaned as her toes pressed between my folds. “I’m so dripping wet.”

“I can tell” She smiled and managed to find my clit with the top of her foot. Rubbing back and forth gently, she watched my face.

“Oh god, this feels better than I thought it would.” I grabbed her ankle and ground against her.

“Lubrication is key” Bev smiled. 

I spread my legs as wide as I could and rested back on one hand.  I bit my lips and stared at her like there was nothing I wanted more in this world than to be fucked by her. Whatever part of her was available. And I did. I wanted to be taken in any and all of the ways she knew. 

“I loved feeling your pussy clamp around my fingers.” Remembering I still had you dripping from them, I sat up a little and sucked them clean before resting on my hand again.

As Bev rubbed my clit with the top of her foot, she watched me move against her. She smiled as I licked my fingers. ”I love having your fingers inside me.” She raised her big toe so that it rubbed my opening too. Teasing me. Getting her foot wetter and wetter.

“God yes. Fill my cunt. Push into me.” Your toes stretched me and intensified the ache I had to be filled.

Bev slid her big toe inside me. Wiggling it just a little.

“Haaa haa. God yes.” I cupped my breast and remembered how much she liked the show. I lifted it to my tongue, licking the engorged nipple.

Bev smiled, watching me. She stuck her tongue out at me, pretending to lick my nipple from a distance. And her toe moved in and out slowly. 

The edge of her toenail scratching my tender skin made me hiss with pleasure. I rocked against her foot. “Yes, baby. Fuck me.” I suddenly wished there was another woman present. Someone to fuck you while you fucked me.

I moved my foot a little harder, faster. Watching you, fascinated.

“Have you ever… have you ever done this?” I kept grinding against her. The orgasm was right there at the edge of my consciousness. It built slowly.

 “Not with someone I was this into.” 

I could feel myself getting tighter around her toe. She’s into me. She’s into me. “Oh god, just like that.” The orgasm was closer. I could feel that ball in my stomach. The ache further up inside of me. “Just a little more. Push in a little more.”

 She pushed farther in, following your cues. Her hands massaged my feet. ”You’re so beautiful.”

“Oh, Jesus. Oh yes Jesus.” I whispered. I pulled hard at my nipple. She kept moving her foot, the toe in and out. Faster. Her hands pulling at my legs now. 

I lay back, my head off of the edge of the bed. My legs spread as far apart as they can be. I was her little whore. “Fu..fu..fu..FUCK!” My hips bucked and my pussy squeezed her toe.

 “Oh wow! That feels amazing. How amazing to free you this way.”

I clutched at the sheets and my feet kicked.

She lost contact with me thanks to the movement but immediately rolled up to come over me, her hand at my pussy. She licked two fingers as I came up, immediately replacing her toe with them.

Her face was directly over mine, watching me. Two fingers trying to simulate what her toe had been doing.

I sat up and kiss you violently. She met me there, kissing me hard. Gasping for breath in between. Her other hand was under my head, supporting me.

I clutched at her body, humping her fingers.

“Can you comeagain?” Her voice was a little raspy.

I shook my head and kissed her again. I clawed at her back. “Fuck.” I whispered through lips and teeth.

She started fucking me in earnest with her fingers. Eye to eye with me, she watched me fight for it.

I arched my back. My eyes were tearing up I wanted this so badly.

She moved her mouth down to my nipple, biting somewhat lightly. Enough for me to know she’s there.

That was it. The nipple bite was just enough to push me over the edge. I buried my face in your hair, snorting and groaning. “Fuuuuck.” My belly and tits rippled and convulsed. My body shivered. Hips twitched and ground. “yeh-eh-eh-es.”

She didn’t stop. She kept fucking me right through that orgasm and kept up the pace. “Fuck I love seeing you like this.”

Eventually, I grab her hand from between my thighs and brought it to my trembling lips Legs still quivering, I kissed your hand

She replaced her hand with her thigh just to keep pressure on my clit and lips. And she held me with one hand while I kissed her fingers.

My eyes were slitted with pleasure.

She leaned in and kissed me deeply, solidly.

I bit her bottom lip, holding her head in my hands. I could feel my body vibrating with pleasure.  

While I was still in that state, Bev started to slide down my body, her tongue leaving a wet stripe down my soft belly. “Oh, God yes. Please eat my pussy.”

She smiled with her tongue still out, still sliding slowly down. The bottom of her tongue reached my mound and went a little farther. And as soon as she reached where she wanted to be, she placed her entire mouth over my pussy, covering as much as she could. Her tongue started working inside her mouth, slowly up and down my slit.

I cradled her face as best I could and held her eyes with mine. “I love… I love this so much.” I bit my lip realizing what I’d almost said. It would have just been the hormones and the amazing sex talking, but I was glad it didn’t slip out.

I rocked up and down in a counterpoint to her tongue.

She smiled at me with her eyes, her mouth still working below. For a moment she moved her mouth away, a thin strand connecting her mouth and my vulva. “I love the way you taste in the mornings.”

I didn’t want to come again because that meant this would be over and my body and mind would probably shatter into a thousand pieces. “You lo- love how I taste in the mornings? How is it diff- different. Oh my Jesus.”

“You taste different, sharper, than last night. I love your taste both ways though.” She was still slowly stroking my clit with her tongue, watching me struggle.

 “It feels so good it hurts.” I whimper. “But don’t you goddamn stop.”

Bev moved her head sideways slowly while smiling to signal to me that she wouldn’t stop. Her tongue followed as she moved side to side. Just briefly.

Here it was. “Oh fuck. Oh fffff-” I couldn’t make words anymore. I couldn’t think anymore. I could only feel my body responding to those scant few inches of contact. As before my world shrank and became where you were touching me. Caressing me. Loving me. I don’t know what I said or did as my awareness dissolved into weeping and shuddering and begging for something. For it to stop? For it never to end?

Her tongue stayed with me for a few more seconds, and then she moved up quickly to just hold me, her leg between mine to allow me any pressure I might need. Her body weight pushed into me, grounding me. One arm around my shoulders and the other under my other arm reminded me that I wasn’t actually going to die from pleasure and that it wasn’t all over. Yet. .

When I came back around, I smiled weakly up at her. “What the fuck was that? That wasn’t an orgasm. I’ve had those before.”

“I’m not even sure myself.” She smiled and wiped sweat from my forehead.

“Fuuuuuuuuck. I’d say “again,” but I think I’d die I lost at least two pounds.” The sheets around us are soaked

“You’re so beautiful when you come.”

“Blotchy faces are in Vogue? Good to know.” My voice was hoarse.

Bev laughed. “No baby, you’re gorgeous.” She kissed me gently. The smile on her face could be accurately described as “shit-eating”. “So you liked that?”

“Fucking yes.”

She laughed loud and long into the sheets. 

“Once I have reassembled my body, we’re going to go again and I’m going to use the strap-on on you.”

“Oh, are you now? You think you can gin up the strength for that after what you’ve just done?” She smiled as she teased me. “I may have to ride you for that to happen.”

“If I get some breakfast in me. Fuck I don’t even know what time it is.” I giggled. “Or what planet I’m on.”

She laughed with me. “Maybe we should shower and go find you something to eat.”

“I could subsist on you for days.”

She smiled and kissed me again. Her tongue traced the outline of my lips.

“Unnnng. You even kiss better than any human should.”

She smiled. “Well, I am a trained professional, you know.”

“There’s a school for this? Sign me up!” I thought about the kinds of ‘teaching’ I saw in porn. 

“I’m not sure you need any training, babe. You seem to have it down pat.”

“You are too kind. I think you made me willing to risk things and try things I never have. Anyone else and who knows.”

“I’m glad you were comfortable enough with me to let go.”

“Am I a lesbian now? Or a bisexual? Or just a Bev-sexual?”

Her face took on a slightly serious cast. “Well, that depends on you and what your attractions are, but I like the idea of you being Bev-sexual.”

“My preference is to come like that every time. I don’t give a damn who’s doing it.” I blushed all over. “Though I’d prefer it to be you.” We both lay on our sides, facing one another. “Do you date? Oh my God, are you even single?”

She smiled. “Yes,  I’m single and I do date occasionally, although dating is usually a challenge with my career choice. Few people are ok with what I do for a living when they date me. So I’ve learned not to expect much.” There was a hint of sadness in her voice.

I tapped my front teeth. Would I be willing to share you? Was this just sex? A one time deal? I hoped not. “Let’s have breakfast. It’ll be our first date. We can talk like we did last night. Maybe see if there’s something more? And then come back here and I’ll fuck you so hard it’ll make your head spin.”

“Let’s get you showered and fed. Because now I have something to look forward to.”

Part six!


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