I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Six)

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie

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Bev pulled me up so we can go shower. As she did that warm and impish grin I’d begun to love splits her face. “I’ll wash your back if you like. Hell, I’ll even wash your front.”

I chuckled. “You’re going to have to be careful where you touch me for a while I think. I’ll go off like a rocket.”

“I’ll take great care. Still humming, huh?” She rubbed the small of my back. 

“I feel like I drank too much coffee and smoked just enough weed.” My body was loose but my brain was still filled with fireworks. “I’m jittery but mellow. Let me help you.” I held her hand walking to the bathroom.

Once we made it into the poshly appointed room, I reached in and turned on the shower water, getting it nice and warm. But not too hot. I took a moment to admire the glass walls and granite tile. One day I’d have a bathroom like this. Multiple showerheads, a toilet with a bidet, and heated towel racks were just a few of the things I wanted. 

Bev helped me step over the shower threshold and backed away.  “Now I need to tinkle.”

I stood under the hot water and moaned in a way that would have been filthy were it not for the new heights or depths I’d reached in the last eight or ten hours. “Oh that stings a little.”

Bev came back to me as quickly as she could. “Are you ok?” Her hand touched me just above the split of my ass. Her other hand rested on my hip.  

“Just a little sore. In a good way.” I looked over my shoulder and we kissed softly. 

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