I’ve Never Done This Before (Part Six)

Pretty young redhead dressed in turquoise lingerie
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Bev pulled me up so we can go shower. As she did that warm and impish grin I’d begun to love splits her face. “I’ll wash your back if you like. Hell, I’ll even wash your front.”

I chuckled. “You’re going to have to be careful where you touch me for a while I think. I’ll go off like a rocket.”

“I’ll take great care. Still humming, huh?” She rubbed the small of my back. 

“I feel like I drank too much coffee and smoked just enough weed.” My body was loose but my brain was still filled with fireworks. “I’m jittery but mellow. Let me help you.” I held her hand walking to the bathroom.

Once we made it into the poshly appointed room, I reached in and turned on the shower water, getting it nice and warm. But not too hot. I took a moment to admire the glass walls and granite tile. One day I’d have a bathroom like this. Multiple showerheads, a toilet with a bidet, and heated towel racks were just a few of the things I wanted. 

Bev helped me step over the shower threshold and backed away.  “Now I need to tinkle.”

I stood under the hot water and moaned in a way that would have been filthy were it not for the new heights or depths I’d reached in the last eight or ten hours. “Oh that stings a little.”

Bev came back to me as quickly as she could. “Are you ok?” Her hand touched me just above the split of my ass. Her other hand rested on my hip.  

“Just a little sore. In a good way.” I looked over my shoulder and we kissed softly. 

“Ah,” Bev smiled. “Let’s get you wet all over. With water this time.” She turned me slowly so my whole body was soon covered by mist from the warm jets. 

She grabbed the body wash, putting some in her hands. Rubbing them together, she started to gently massage my back and shoulders. She rubbed my butt cheeks too, but was very careful to avoid my crack.

I moaned under her attention. Her hands were strong but she was so gentle. 

She turned my back to the water spray. Rinsing me. Meanwhile she lathered up her hands again and massaged my chest, breasts and abdomen.

My head rocked back, long hair sticking to my wet skin. My whole body was tingling again.

She took my hands in hers to get them soapy. “Here, I’d better let you handle your lady parts. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I almost don’t even want to touch myself.” I knew it would hurt a little but it would also feel good. A fire warmed my belly. I managed to wash and rinse with a minimum of cursing and shivering. “I just want you to wash my body and massage me for a few more minutes. It’s calming me down. “

She kept her hands on me, comforting and encouraging me. “I’m happy to.” She got more body wash and turned me around, my back to her. She massaged my shoulders and back for several minutes. And then, staying behind me, she stepped up to stand against my back, reaching around with soapy hands. She massaged my chest and stomach. Then she briefly massaged my breasts but was careful to mostly avoid my nipples.

I melted back into her. The caresses were having the desired effect. “Oh you could do this forever. Can I ask you a weird question?”

She pressed even more closely against me, resting her chin on the crown of my head. “I’d be quite happy to do this forever. Sure. You can ask me anything.” Her hands still caressed me.

 “How much does one charge for this? It’s not enough. Whatever it is.” I didn’t want to offend her but I had to know. 

She laughed. “Well, there’s sort of a sliding scale based on time and what a person wants. Various particular things I would charge more for. But I have an hourly rate that goes up for an all night experience, like that. I’m not sure you really want to know in actual dollar figures, but I’ll tell you if you want to know.”

“Could I have afforded this?” I look over my shoulder at her with a smile. “As far as I’m concerned it’s priceless. And I’m not looking a gift pleasurer in the cooch.”

“Well I don’t know what your finances are, but I’m  pretty expensive.” Bev smiled as she stepped back and put her head directly under the shower flow. Closing her eyes and smiling, she wetted her short hair. Once she was thoroughly wet, she came back and reached for shampoo, 

I slapped her hands away from the bottle.

She watched me with interest.

“This is my domain. I may be a skincare professional, but I did a stint in the salon washing hair for money.” I squirted the shampoo in my hands and reached up to work it into her hair. “You are in for the scalp massage of a lifetime.” As my fingers started to work the goo in, I frowned. “They always put the worst shampoo in these places. Even in the high-end ones, I guess.”

She closed her eyes and laughed. “They do. It gives me way more volume than I need.”

I alternated between pressure and head scratches, noting her reactions and movements. “I can give you some suggestions about skincare. Your skin is lovely, but you have a few minor issues I can help you with. Do you laser or shave or wax?”

“Mmmmm.” She moaned under my touch. “I shave currently.”

“I do too. I like to change her up pretty frequently and I like some hair down there on myself.”

“Yes. Me too. I don’t want to laser because I don’t always want to have no hair. I like having a bush at times.”

“Lasering is too permanent. Now rise.” While she moved to do as I told her, I got down on my knees behind her and licked up the backs of her thighs to between your cheeks I held on to her hips as I gave her ass a thorough licking.

“Oh fuck!!! I’m ticklish in the weirdest places. My hamstrings are always ticklish.” She stuck her ass out a bit to give me better access.

“Mmmmm.” I pressed my tongue against her tight hole.

“Oh, god. That feels so good. Yeah, you don’t need any classes.” She put one hand on the wall for balance and moved the other one towards her pussy.

“Maybe we can work together?” I slid a finger into her slit. “Could you imagine if someone paid us to do this?” I added a second finger and ran my tongue up and down her crack.

“Mmmmm.” She started circling her clit with two fingers. “Oh, you mean ‘work together’ work together.  I see. I thought you meant ….” She gasped as my fingers hit just the right spot. “I think that might be fun if you’re game. I’ve worked with others before and it can be quite fun, but it would be really fun with someone you know well.” 

She started moving her ass back against my mouth. “How would you feel to see someone else fucking me?”

I pulled away from her. “That could be ridiculously hot. I don’t own you. You’re a grown woman.” I wanted to get back to rimming her properly. “Spread your legs more.”

“It can be amazing.” She moved one leg out more. Now she stood mainly on one leg with the other propped out.

I added a third finger to her tight, wet cunt and speed up my thrusts.

She began circling her clit faster, harder. Gasping and breathing faster.

I bit her ass and thrust my tongue into her. Once my tongue and jaw got tired, I pulled away “You feel so good. So tight around my fingers.” 

“Oh fuck.” Her hips bucked. “Can you feel it? Tightening?” Her moans became whimpers. 

I ran my tongue in tight circles around her hole. “Mmmmhmmm.”

“Oh god. You’re amazing.” She reached behind with her free hand and grabbed my hair. “Fuck me harder,” she screamed.

I did as she asked, moving my hand faster and faster. 

Her body tensed. “I. Can’t. Breathe.” She caught my hand and held it still, inside her. She was still spasming. 

I shook my head as I probed as deeply as I could with my tongue.

“Oh, god! I guess payback is ….. oh FUCK!” She bent over, needing to prop herself up with her hands. “Fuck!!”

I slowly started to fuck her again through her pussy’s resistance.

Bev’s knee buckled on her supporting leg and she lowered the other one to assist. “Oh my god. Let me turn around and sit down.” She gasped the words out. 

“Can I suck your clit?”

She turned and sat against the wall with her legs spread open.”Of course.” She slid down to a better angle for me

“I’ve never eaten anyone’s ass before.” I looked up at her through dewy eyelashes. “I love it.” I latched my lips on her clit.

“Jesus!” Her body quivered. “You’re a quick fucking learner.”

“Mmmmmm.” I moaned at her taste. 

“Still so swollen from last time.” She whispered.

I remembered to treat her clit and the puffy flesh around it like lips and tongue. My hands pressed against the shower floor, holding myself to maintain a better angle.

She tilted her hips toward me. “Harder.”

My tongue swirled and my lips kissed her sweetness. 

“Oh fuck, that feels amazing.”

I backed off to tease her, making sweet love to this little part of her.

Her eyes stayed on mine, hips still moving toward my mouth. “You’re killing me.”

I increased the pressure of my suction gradually, by degrees.

“Yesssss. I want you so bad.”

A tooth caught her clit. It wasn’t an accident. 

She jumped a little. “Oh you’re bad. Again!” She relaxed into it, realizing what I was up to. “I’m at your mercy. Can you give me fingers too?”

“Can you say please?”

“Pretty please?” Her words followed by a whimper.

I shoved two fingers in hard and fast, hooking them.

“Oh fuck yes!!” Bev looked at me with desperation in her eyes. “Can you also lick me? Pretty please?”

I licked her using broad sweeps of my tongue, moaning at the taste and the way she reacted. I kept fucking her with my fingers hard and fast trying to find just the right spot.

“That’s it. Right there!! Please don’t stop.Oh fuck.” Her ass clenched as she got closer and closer. 

“Oh fuck. Fuck!!! I’m coming!”  This time she seized and bent forward. Almost in a fetal position, her whole body spasming. “Jesus Christ!”

Proud of the effect I was having on her I kept fingering and suckling her just the same way.

Her orgasm continued, her body quivering. She grabbed onto me, gasping. “Please kiss me.”


She opened her mouth to mine, her tongue searching

Our kissing made her spasms more intense. Finally, she relaxed.

I made shushing noises and hugged her. I kissed her head and rubbed her shoulders

She relaxed and her body extends again. She looked up at me. “Nobody has ever made me feel like that.”

“We’d better get the soap off and get going,”

“Changing the subject?” She raised an eyebrow.

I felt a mixture of pride and embarrassment. Also, maybe a little disbelief. “I watch a lot of porn.”

“It shows.” She giggled softly. “You apparently paid close attention.” She tried to stand up but struggled. Finally, she got her legs under her.

I reached down to help her up, while I chuckled and blushed furiously. “I was kinda hoping one day…”

“Well, I hope it was everything you hoped for.” We hugged in the warm humidity of the shower enclosure. 

“More than.” I smiled as we rinse off.

“Glad to hear it. Let’s go get some food. I’m starving.” We each grabbed a towel and helped each other dry off with more kisses exchanged and more than a few gasps and moans. 

Eventually, we managed to get dressed and head downstairs. Neither of us walked very steadily, drunk as we were on each other and as sore as I was. Still, the day was full of laughter and smiles. I didn’t know if my dreams of becoming Bev’s full time lover or even partner in passion would come true, but I would never forget what we’d shared.

The End?

Like most projects, there’s always room for more fun to come in the future. There’s a good chance we’ll see more of these two down the road. And of course I’ll be making an e-book available on Amazon very soon. Thank you for reading!


  1. Jchesterman@john-lewis.com

    Chapter 6, I’ve never done this before.
    That was one amazing shower scene, so erotic and sexy. I’ve really enjoyed this series. I like that you left the actual figure out of the amount that Bev charges, I think it was perfectly handled and written, adding to the eroticism. Brilliant chapter thank you

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  2. willy303204

    I enjoyed this read very much! Well done and the sexual energy at times was almost palpable! I’m so glad you included so much of taste .smell and wetness so descriptively as that colored the story to such a more intense realistic degree! Good sex is sweaty and does come with delicious tastes and scents!

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