Holy Kiss (Part One)

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This is a preview of a work in progress that I’ve been kicking around for a while. I initially thought of submitting it to Bellesa but it’s getting long enough that I want to publish it on my own. It’s not my usual lesfic, but I hope you enjoy it!

Getting the opportunity to work at Camp Sonrise had been a real blessing. Juan had been a Christian since high school, and his College bible study group was the reason he was here. Getting paid to help the campers with computer programming and model rocketry and to talk about god had been a pleasant experience. He felt no small amount of guilt over signing the agreement that being gay was a sin, something he still struggled with since coming out to his parents three years ago. He justified agreeing with it because he’d never even kissed a guy other than his best friend on a dare. Living a “gay lifestyle” may or may not be a sin, but for this summer he wanted to leave all of that behind. 

The first few weeks were a combination of orientation for the staff and team-building exercises. Juan wasn’t a counselor so his “team” consisted of the other special activities staff. There were the camp lifeguards Chris and Evelyn, Sherry – the archery teacher, Freddy the equestrian, and Juan the computer geek.

Their days would be spent in a combination of Bible study, social time, worship, training, and preparing their individual areas. The computer lab was a bit of a nightmare when he first arrived. All of the PCs were in good shape, but whoever had done the physical setup didn’t have the eye towards ergonomics and cable management Juan did. By the time the campers arrived, he wanted to ensure that the lab looked as good as it would run. 

He also had to make sure they were set up identically and had been patched and updated with all of the latest software. There was also the matter of making sure none of the campers could go anywhere inappropriate on the internet. They had the usual firewalls installed but Juan took the extra step of adding some software he’d created that was a little smarter than the average nanny-ware. 

Having the cool, quiet, darkened building to himself in the afternoons was nice. He could play music or read while his “children” churned away in the dark. More than once, his thoughts turned towards the kiss he’d shared with Li. The young man had been taller than Juan and slender. His cheeks and lips were smooth, but he had a strong jaw and powerful tongue. Their kiss on a dare had been passionate and sloppy. Juan already had to put up with all the name-calling. The kiss hadn’t made that much of a difference, but Li had avoided him for a few months afterward. 

Juan thought about what it would be like to share a kiss like that with Chris. The blond lifeguard was taller than Li and had a body sculpted by hours in pools and lakes. Juan kicked himself for it – lusting after the most obvious bit of eye candy he could think of – but there was no denying how handsome he was. That wasn’t the only thing, though. In their group time, Chris had shown himself to be kind, compassionate, and smart in addition to being very knowledgeable about the Bible. There was no way the man was gay. 

Juan wasn’t sure if it would have been better or worse if Chris did like men. If so, there would be no chance he would cast his eyes on Juan. If he didn’t, well the result would be the same. And even if Chris did feel that way about Juan, it was wrong. So, he was left to his fantasies. Thinking about Chris taking him in his arms. The feel of his stubble against Juan’s cheek and his tongue in Juan’s mouth. Every time he was alone in the dim room, he had to keep his hands busy so he wouldn’t end up jacking off. 

That didn’t stop him from taking the occasional opportunity whether it was in the shower or in the middle of the night – risking being caught by his bunkmates. Every time, his brain would flash from Li to Chris and back again, trying to guess how the kisses would be different and what another man’s hands would feel like touching his cock. 

The only thing that saved him from driving himself completely crazy was the arrival of the children. When the first wave descended from the parking lot, their days were filled with planned activities. While Juan’s main “job” was related to any and all computer activities, all special staff also helped with evening worship and other duties as assigned. It wasn’t hard physical work, but there was a lot of emotional and spiritual energy required. 

They would get about 36 hours off every weekend between camps and it was the third or fourth weekend in that Juan got to spend a little one on one time with Chris. They went into the nearest town which had a mall and a movie theater. Juan was determined to find out if he could lay some rumors to rest. Word among the staff was that Chris and Evelyn were seeing each other on the sly. There was no rule against it per se, so long as you didn’t engage in PDA around the kids. 

Juan grabbed a frappe from the coffee place and was surprised to see Chris sitting alone. No shock, he was reading from the battered, duct tape covered Bible that was his constant companion. To see him alone, though, was rare. 

Juan stood by the little table and sucked on his straw. 

Eventually, Chris looked up and smiled. “Hey, brother!” He stood and threw an arm around Juan’s shoulder, drawing him into a hug.

Juan appreciated the gesture both for its warmth and affection as well as how good Chris smelled. His skin radiating a mix of cologne and sunscreen. He held the hug for as long as he could before Chris chuckled. 

“Guess you really needed this?” Chris gave Juan another hard squeeze and then broke the hug. “Have a seat.” 

Juan was grateful that his slightly darker skin tone didn’t make blushes as obvious. He nodded and smiled. “I did. Busy week. Those kids from the Angel Campaign were tough.” He grabbed a chair and sat down. 

“I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a parent in prison.” Chris closed the Bible and pushed it to one side, giving Juan a hundred percent attention. 

“I have a question…” Juan looked down at the table and then back up. “It’s kind of dating related.” 

Chris crossed his forearms and leaned forward. “You have your eye on one of the counselors, don’t you?” 

Juan swallowed. Was it that obvious? Wait, Chris had said counselors, not staff. “Not… necessarily. But let’s say I did.” 

“This isn’t my first session at this camp. I can tell you, most of the horror stories about trying to date while working here are true, but you can make it work.” Chris smiled. “But it’s not easy.” 

“Are you dating anyone?” The question came out in a rush, but there it was.

Chris shook his head and his smile broadened. “I know there are rumors, but there’s nothing between me and Evelyn. She’s got a boyfriend back home. And she’s nuts about him.” 

Don’t squee and don’t frown. Trying to keep a neutral expression Juan nodded. “Have you ever dated anyone at camp?” 

Chris cocked his head in an adorable puppy dog look. “What are you getting at, J?” 

Juan shook his head. “I just figured I wanted to know if you were talking from personal experience.” 

“Well, no. As it happens, I’ve never dated anyone at Sonrise. This is my third year and I find that the right person just hasn’t come on my radar yet.” Warm eyes burrowed into Juan’s. “But when they do, I know it will be plain for anyone to see. Even then, though, we’d have to be careful. No matter how much you love someone, we’re here for the campers and not our own personal desires.” 

Juan nodded. 

“Have you got a crush on someone or is it something more serious?” Chris sat back and ran his fingers through his hair. 

Juan bit his lip and tried to focus. “I think it’s just a crush. I haven’t told them and I don’t even know if they’d be interested.” 

“You’re a good looking guy and you have a great sense of humor. You had us all rolling the second week.” Chris laughed. 

The two compliments were like quick punches to his gut. “Thanks, man. I think that was the sleep deprivation.” 

“Don’t sell yourself short. You’ll make someone very lucky. But if you do think it’s more than a crush, I’d suggest telling them soon. Summer will be over before you know it and you never know if that person will be back next year.” 

That was true. Chris was one of the rare multi-summer workers. The camp didn’t discourage it, but it was an intense experience that not everyone wanted to repeat. Juan thought about telling his “crush” right now. Thought about just reaching out and touching Chris’s face and saying “it’s you.” The thought brought a lead ball to his throat. There was no way. He still didn’t know if Chris was gay and that wasn’t something you just asked. Especially in this setting. 

“Thanks, brother.” Juan took another sip of his drink. 

“Any time. You want to go see a movie or something?” Chris pointed to the theater entrance. They had some time before they had to be back. 

It would be nice, sitting in the dark next to this good looking guy and getting to smell him and feel his warmth. And even if there was no romance in their future, Chris was actually super nice. 

“Absolutely!” They finished their drinks and were soon in the cool dark, enjoying some dumb laughs and each other’s company. 

Juan got up right before the sun came up, pulled on his shorts and a tee-shirt, camp colors of blue and red of course, and snuck out of his bunk to catch some alone time. He needed it. As much as he loved the campers, this was middle school week and after breakfast, it was wall to wall noise until the sing-along at Vespers. It would be just him, his Bible, and the cool breeze off of Lake Simmons. 

He walked through the woods behind the male staff cabin, one used by non-counselors, and towards the water. He’d found a spot off of any of the beaten paths earlier in the summer. Usually, he had his earbuds in and listened to worship music but this morning he’d have to live with birdsong. There was a short in the cable. That was probably why this morning he’d heard something he never would have otherwise. A low moaning coming from further on towards the water. 

He put down his Bible on a nearby stump and walked towards the sound. Hopefully, no one was hurt. Then he realized it was a sound of pleasure, not pain. Through the branches, he was able to make out a figure standing on the bank, in a fairly protected spot. It was Chris. His shorts were around his ankles and he had his dick in his hand. And it wasn’t so he could piss. 

Juan couldn’t deny his attraction to the guy. Watching Chris jack off towards the lake, well-muscled ass in profile, brought the computer geek’s own dick to half staff. He stood there, wondering what, if anything, he should do until he realized he was actually just standing there enjoying the view. Six weeks of infrequent masturbation meant he was dry tinder ready for a match flame. 

The slow, even stokes of Chris’s hand over his long, well-formed dick were just such a source of heat. When the life guard’s free hand moved up under the blue tee-shirt he wore, that was all it took. 

Juan slid his hand down over the smooth fabric of his shorts. The tenting filled his hand and he bit his lip to stifle any sound. He knew he should leave and pray through this, but fuck it, he wasn’t going to get another chance to relieve his tension and there wouldn’t probably be no other opportunity like this. Chris was gorgeous. 

He pushed his shorts and briefs down and put his left hand against a friendly, poison ivy free tree. Pushing the guilt down hard, his right hand gently grasped the now fully engorged shaft standing at attention between his legs. The short, dark curls tickled his hand. He stroked up the length and ran his palm over the tip, seeking out the wetness there. Bringing his hand to his lips, he licked off the pre-cum and then drooled into his palm. The spit slicked flesh would have to do for lubrication. 

He worked his hand up and down as Chris picked up the pace. The man’s white ass, framed as it was by tan legs and back, was Juan’s focal point. He thought about running his cock up between those muscled cheeks. He could imagine the broad back and powerful shoulders bunching and relaxing as he pushed into the tightness.

When Chris stopped stroking, Juan gasped in frustration. Then he realized the man was removing his shirt and shorts completely Chris spread the scant clothing on the ground and lay down on it. Then he resumed working his pole and started to suck his free middle finger. 

Juan hoped he knew where this was going and not wishing to lose sight of the proceedings tentatively stepped forward, not losing a beat as he stroked and twisted his foreskin. A warm ball formed in the pit of his stomach. He didn’t want to lose control so he squeezed the base of his cock and waited, watching for what would come next.

Chris’s finger popped free from his mouth and he leaned over, ass towards Juan, and slid that gorgeous finger into the crack of his equally fine ass. 

Juan wanted nothing more than to run over there and help, but he would never be called bold. Besides, just because Chris was helping himself didn’t mean he was into guys. He thought about dropping to his back but that would mean losing sight and potentially hitting poison ivy. With a sigh, he resumed his own stroking and squeezed the now extremely sensitive head of his cock as he reached it each time. He let a low whimper escape his full lips. He could just hear the grunting and slapping as Chris sped up. 

Chris’s finger probed harder and faster as he worked furiously to get himself off. Muscles sculpted by years of swimming and lifting, stood out as he reached orgasm and he shoved his finger in as hard and deep as he could. The grunts following his orgasm were louder and sharper. 

All Juan had eyes for were the jets of semen that launched into the cool morning air and landed on the nearby sand. He wanted to feel them on his face and running down his throat. That rogue thought was enough to push him over the edge, the ball in his lower stomach seeming to change state and become its own ropey strands of salty spend. Juan panted and whimpered as he came, thinking about what it would feel like to fill Chris’s ass or mouth, squirting into the moist warmth. 

His legs seized up and his free hand clawed at the tree in an effort to remain standing. “Fuck. Oh god, that feels so good.” He whispered, sparing no thought for taking the Lord’s name in vain. He spattered leaves and bark with spunk and the salty, chemical scent filled his nose. He let go of his twitching cock and licked some of himself from his fingertips. He had never and probably would never taste another man, but he got some satisfaction from his own flavor. 

When he managed to look back towards the beach, Chris had gotten up and held his clothes in one hand, covering himself. The lifeguard was looking in his direction. Had he been spotted? If he moved now would his bright plumage give him away? It’s what everyone else was wearing. Taking a chance, he stepped back until Chris was no longer in his line of sight and pulled up his shorts. 

Now was the time for guilt and shame. He’d lusted after someone and not just someone but another man. And he’d probably been caught. He’d lose his job. Hot tears sprang from the corners of his eyes. Jesus. What had he done? Careless of trees and vines, he ran towards the craft building and his computer lab. He’d have some time to clean up, repent, and pray before his campers showed up. 

I hope you enjoyed this preview!

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