Holy Kiss (Part Two)

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The next few hours dragged by. Nothing he could do helped him focus on his prayers or the lessons he was teaching. His head felt like it was full of ants and he had an ache in his balls that wouldn’t go away. All he could think about was kissing Chris and feeling his strong pecs. 

Finally, lunch time rolled around. He had to get this off of his chest. He’d confess his lustful thoughts to Chris, keeping a few of the facts to himself, and maybe that would help. Support staff weren’t required to eat with the kids and Chris usually swam laps during his break, since he didn’t get to do much actual swimming as a lifeguard and instructor. 

Juan ran to the lake faster than he’d moved anywhere all summer. He wanted to get this over with. Confession was good for the soul. When he got to the dock, he saw the man cutting through the water in smooth, even strokes. He was like Aquaman come to life. The only reason Juan slowed down was to be able to watch his crush – was that what he was? – in his natural element. 

He got to the dock and slipped off his deck shoes. Then he sat and let his feet sink into the cool water. It was a blessing on a hot day like today. 

After another lap, Chris swam up to the nearby ladder. He climbed out of the water, his swim trunks clinging provocatively to his crotch. He smiled at Juan and grabbed a towel. “Hey, brother. Good to see you.” The gold cross he wore glinted in the sun and water beaded on his smooth skin.

Juan thought he must shave his whole body and realized he now knew that for a fact as he remembered just how hairless Chris’s balls and ass were this morning. He opened his mouth to speak but words failed him for a moment so he gaped like a fish out of water. 

“Yeah, Chris, good to see you too, brother.” Chris drawled, imitating Juan’s Georgia accent. 

That broke the ice and Juan chuckled, grateful for the laughter. “It is good to see you.” He looked around, making sure they were alone. “I have something I need you to pray about for me.” 

Chris draped his towel around his neck and his look grew serious. “Of course, man. You tell me what you need.” He sat beside Juan and let his feet dangle in the water. 

Juan’s throat constricted. “I saw something today and it led me to sin. I don’t know how much I can say. I don’t want to get in trouble or get anyone else hurt.”

Chris put a hand on his shoulder. The damp warmth radiated through Juan’s shirt and Chris’s firm grip was reassuring. “What you say here’s only going to stay here.” His words were like a mantra. It was what each staff member was encouraged to say and mean. Safety and privacy were encouraged between the counselors and kids so long as no one was getting hurt. 

Juan nodded. “I saw someone naked this morning and it… “ His face flushed and felt like it was going to catch fire. “It really made me horny and I masturbated.” His chest locked up like there was an iron band around it. 

“Dude, did you spy on someone on purpose?” Chris’s voice was a husky whisper. 

Had it been on purpose? Not at first. “I didn’t set out to, but once I did it was like I couldn’t look away. They were so beautiful.” 

“It wasn’t a camper, was it?” Chris’s brow creased in worry. “You can tell me if it was, but we’ll need to talk to some senior staff.”

Juan shook his head. “No.” His denial was louder than he intended. “These are little kids, man. I’m not like that.” 

Chris took Juan’s chin and brought their eyes on the same plane. “I know.” 

“Then why did you…” 

Chris smiled and repeated his words. “I know.” 

“You… You know?” Something lodged in his throat. He thought it was most of the contents of his stomach. 

Chris nodded. His face grew closer. “I do. I saw you. I wasn’t sure it was you, but this confession and your face. I know.” 

Juan’s eyes flicked down to Chris’s lips and back up. “I’m sorry.” He swallowed. “I’m gay. And I don’t know if you are, but anyway it doesn’t matter because – “ 

Chris’s kiss cut him off. Warm lips tasting of sunscreen and lake water pressed against his. “I am too. And it does matter. I’ve been thinking about you all summer. Ever since that second week when you had us rolling.”

“You knew I was gay?” Juan had heard about gay-dar but he thought it was all bullshit. Staring into those warm eyes, he couldn’t deny there was something in them. Attraction? 

Chris shrugged. “No. Still, I like guys who are smart and good looking. I will say I thought there might be something there when we talked at the mall.”

Juan looked down at himself. He knew he was pudgy and his round face made him look younger than he was. He couldn’t grow a damn beard. How was he good looking? “Hardly good looking.” A thrill filled him. Chris thought he was smart and handsome. His stomach felt like it was full of swimming fish. 

“Look at me.” Chris asked softly. 

Juan did and his eyes were met with genuine warmth. “What?”

“You’re a good looking guy. Don’t let anyone tell you different. As far as the ‘because’, what we feel isn’t wrong.” He shifted over to be closer to Juan. “And that kiss and this morning wasn’t wrong either. Some people will tell you it is. That God hates us. That we’re gonna burn. Not true. God loves you and me and all these kids.” He was smiling, a kind of goofy grin. 

It was infectious. Juan knew now what it meant to call a smile that. There was no resisting it. “Let’s say you’re right and what we’ve been taught about us being attracted to each other is wrong. What now?”

Chris shrugged. “I don’t know. Obviously, we have to keep it on the DL.” It was his turn to look at the water. “I wish I had gotten to see you the way you saw me.” 

That made Juan’s heart stutter. His cock shifted in his pants. “Me too.” He felt like a serious opportunity had been missed. 

“Look, we’ve got a few weeks left of camp and then we’ll be back out in the world. We’ll just have to make time to talk and stuff.”

Juan brought one leg up and shifted so he wasn’t having to strain to look at Chris. That put his leg on the dock between them. “You go to Ohio State and I’m at UNCG. We’re hundreds of miles apart.” There were tears in his voice if not on his cheeks. 

“There’s the internet and I have a car. Who knows if this is even anything more than a summer lo-”

Juan kissed him, hard and fast. He thrust his tongue in the other man’s mouth. There was defiance in the kiss. Chris didn’t resist, welcoming Juan’s tongue. Juan felt Chris’s hand on his thigh. It moved up the leg of his shorts and touched him through his underwear. After too brief a tussle, they broke the kiss, but only after Juan had bitten Chris’s lip. “That’s not summer love. I want to get to know you better.” There was more he’d like to do than that. 

Chris hadn’t moved his hand except to brush Juan’s balls with his fingertips. “I want to get to know you better too. And I want to get a chance to really kiss you before we leave. After that, we’ll find a way.” 

The distant ringing of a bell let everyone on camp know lunch was over. Kids would be coming any time. The men shared another brief but meaningful kiss and then it was back to the whirlwind.

Hope you enjoyed part two!

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