Skyline Pigeon by April Garrus (Guest Post) #Lesfic

I love getting HOT guest posts and it’s been a while since I had. When my long-time friend April said they wanted to send me a story, I said HELL YES! Read on, dear reader.

Bio: World traveler and aspiring God-Empress, April Garrus tried a number of things (teaching, MMA, pro wrestling, etc.) before discovering a profound talent for writing dirty stories. She enjoys coffee, metal, kung fu movies, and crushing her enemies.

The night was hot in the speedway parking lot, bugs and mosquitos buzzing in the light of the street lamps. Bass and engines rumbled, drowning out the sounds of laughter and the drag races in the stadium. A riverboat blew its fog horn, answered by a chorus of cars and trucks that echoed towards St. Louis and the Missouri side of the river.

Bert leaned against the hood of her Skyline, the paint a deep jade with a set of black stripes running its length. The car got attention from those in the know, and drag challenges from those who weren’t. It was a nice way to make some extra money, if not friends.

“Slow night, Bert,” Michael said. He sat inside an Evo parked in the next space, smoking and checking his phone.

“Slow night, Michael.”

“No one wants to race you, Bert.”

“No they don’t. I think they’ve all learned their lesson. Oh well, it’s nice to come out.”

“Shit,” he said, blowing smoke. “Fuckin’ hot out is what it is.”

A red Hellcat rumbled its way off the street and into the parking lot. The passenger door opened as it came to a stop, and a woman climbed out laughing. She came around the hood, stroking the bodylines and saying something to the driver Bert couldn’t hear. He drove off and the woman turned.

“Ever seen her before?” she asked, nodding.

“Never. I wouldn’t mind if she became a regular, though.” 

She was young, petit, and Asian, with short bobbed hair. She wore a miniskirt, a backless halter-top, and just enough makeup. They met eyes and took turns looking one another over before she started forward. 

“Coming your way,” Michael said. He tossed his cigarette butt and rolled up his window. “Go get her, man.”

Bert stood and crossed her arms.

“So, what are you, a dyke or something?” the girl asked.

Bert noticed her accent, marking her as West Coast.

“Something like that,” she answered, not hiding her Midwestern tone–not sharp enough for a twang, but not soft enough for a drawl. “What gave it away, the wife beater or the fade?” She gestured at her hair.

“Actually it was the Levi’s and the resting bitch face. And you don’t wear a bra.”

“Who needs ‘em?”

“Right?” She stepped past her and towards the car. “So what’s this?”

“This is a Nissan Skyline R-34.”

The girl pouted.

“Doesn’t look like much.”

“Looks can be deceiving,” Bert said.

“Is it fast?”

“You don’t know much about cars, do you?”

“No. But I know what I like, and I like to go fast.”

“Well,” Bert said, with a grin. “How about I give you a ride and let you decide for yourself?”

The girl looked at the car, then up to Bert, then down to the car again.


“Climb in.”

The engine roared to life, and Bert blipped the gas, smiling as she got everyone’s attention. Putting the car in gear, they rolled out of the parking lot. She dropped into neutral, teasing the throttle as they coasted onto the street and knocking the shifter back into first. The engine growled and the tires squealed as the AWD caught pavement, launching the car forward.

Soon they were running hot down the road and coming quickly on to the interstate ramp. Bert looked to the girl in her passenger seat as she flicked on her turn signal.

“What’s your name then?”

“Valery,” she said. “Or Michiko. It’s whatever. You?”

“You always get into cars with strangers?”

“Sometimes. If their cars are nice. Tell me your name and you won’t be a stranger.”

“Bernice. But everyone calls me ‘Bert’.”


“It’s what my grandma used to call me.”

“And what’s with the birds?” Valery prodded a paper ornament hanging from the rear view mirror.

“Pigeons,” she said, easing onto the freeway. “Again, my grandma. It’s a Sesame Street thing. Bert likes pigeons.”

“Ah, I get it. Cute. So, are you going to show me what this thing can do or what, Bert?”

“I will, but I want to get a little clear of the city first.”


“Well…this thing’s not exactly legal. The cops turn a blind eye to things on cruise nights and race days, but I don’t like to draw unwanted attention.”

“That just sounds like you’re scared.”

Bert looked at the small girl. Valery smiled, beating lashes around large, dark eyes.

“Is that a dare?”

“It is.”

“Alright. Buckle up, and I’ll show you why they call this thing ‘Godzilla’.”

She dropped the accelerator, and the car jumped. G force pushed them against the bucket seats as the pistons did their job. Bert shifted up, then up again.

“How’s that?” she asked.

“Much better,” Valery laughed.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

The Skyline whined as the twin-turbos fed more and more air into the cylinders. The other cars whooshed past as they flew down the road.

“You weren’t lying,” Valery said. Her face was flushed as she watched the passing scenery. She swallowed hard, hands fidgeting with her skirt. “This is fast.”

“Faster still, honey.”

Bert dropped gears again. The dividing lines on the pavement blurred together into a single yellow band before running backwards.

“Oh my god,” Valery whispered as she adjusted in her seat.

“I told you,” Bert said, smiling to herself.

“Oh fuck.”

“Don’t judge a car based on its…uh, appearances.”

She looked over and her heart leapt. Valery’s miniskirt was pulled up past her hips, black panties on display between spread legs. One hand was gripping the armrest, the other was gently teasing.

Bert stared, remembering to watch the road just in time to pull aside as they blew past a dusty Forester. The tires gripped the asphalt, screeching as she corrected course.

“Uh,” she started, not knowing what to say. “Okay. Wow.”

“Just drive. And don’t slow down.”


She shifted into sixth, hands sweaty on the wheel. The speed pinned her body to the seat and she knew it wasn’t safe. But when she heard the wet sounds, and the girl’s panting, she knew she wasn’t going to stop. Daring a look, she watched the delicate fingers diving beneath the black silk.

She wasn’t going to stop.

But she could get away from traffic.

A sign signaled the exit for Cahokia. She hit her blinkers and slid off the interstate into the unknown dark of the highway.

They roared down country roads, slowing only to take the sharpest turns. The turbo made its stuttering whistle as it unspooled, and Valery began to moan as they shifted back into gear.

Bert’s body burned. The situation, so strange, sudden, and erotic, made her want to pull the girl into the backseat, but she didn’t want it to end. A beautiful woman was fucking herself in her passenger seat. Her heart kept pace with the engine as her panties soaked.

She didn’t notice the hill.

They soared over the crest and hit the ground hard. At that moment Valery began to pant and moan, fighting for air as her body jerked.

“Fuck. Oh my god. I’m cumming.”

“You’re cumming?”

“Fuck. Yes.”

“Holy shit.”

“Oh fuck.” Her hand went faster. Harder. “Oh fuck.”

Bert hit the gas, wanting this wonderful stranger to finish. They raced through the dark, tearing through small, sleepy towns. Valery seized, gripping the seat as she shivered.

“Did you cum?” Bert asked, not knowing what else to say. The intense arousal of the moment left her dull and confused. She wanted her. She was dying for her. 

“Fuck yes. Going. To cum again. Fuck.”

“Oh my god.” She slapped her hands on the wheel. “Nope. That’s it. I’m parking.”

“What? No. Don’t stop.”

“Nope. That’s too much. I’m parking.”

She hit the brakes, shifting down as she pulled into a field lane. They rolled into the dark, bumping over the potholes and dirt mounds. They came to a stop and Bert shut the car off.

“Fuck,” Valery gasped. “Why did you. Stop?”

“Because.” Bert tore her seatbelt off and lunged across the center console. “You’ve got me too horny to drive.”

Their lips met, tongues fighting instantly. Their hands were on each other in moments, fighting with Valery’s safety belt. Bert kissed to the girl’s ear, then down her neck. She slipped her hand down the silk panties, past the thicket of stiff hair, and found the sopping mess of her sex.

The girl gasped again when Bert entered, arching against the seat. She pulled her close, kissing and clawing. She pulled at the tank top, getting it off and burying her face in Bert’s chest as she rode her hand. 

“I’m gonna. Cum. Again. Oh, my god. I’m gonna cum again.”

“Fuck. I wanna make you cum.”

The girl’s body tightened around her fingers, gushing hot as she released. She shivered, bleary eyed for a moment before lunging to kiss again.

“Backseat,” Bert said when she managed to pull her mouth free.

They climbed into the back, falling onto one another. Bert thrust her leg into the other girl’s sex, making her shudder as she pulled her breasts free of the halter-top. She squeezed and pinched and licked, taking a hard nipple into her mouth. She felt her wetness soaking through her pant leg.

“Valery,” she whispered.


She had to prepare for what she was about to say, hoping it wouldn’t sound too crude.

“You’ve got a sloppy pussy.”

“Mm, yeah. I know.”

“I wanna lick it.”


Bert dove down the girl’s body, tearing the panties off and casting them aside. Valery’s lips were full and flushed, drenched in her orgasm. Bert buried her face between the slim thighs, lapping and sucking. She was hot and sticky in her mouth, and when she felt her hands on her head, she couldn’t take anymore.

Bert thrust and hand down her pants, ignoring belt and fly. Beneath her boyshorts she was dripping and eager. She let out a long sigh as she stroked herself, fingers slipping inside easily.

“No, no,” Valery said above her. “Let me do it.”

She pulled Bert up, kissing her and licking her face clean as she worked off her belt. Opening her buttons she pulled the Levi’s down and got her hand between her legs.

Bert’s breath caught in her chest as she felt the other girl inside her. Valery urged her to rise, so she hunched under the ceiling and posted against the car’s pillars. Lips were on her skin, kissing and sucking at her breasts, finding her nipples and biting.

“Fuck! I’m about to cum.”

“You like that?” Valery asked, grinning up at her.

“Yes. Fuck yes!”

“I’ll make you cum too. And I’ll lick you clean.”

Bert moaned, her body tense. Everything inside flexed as a euphoric release washed over her, a trembling shiver in its wake. Valery eased her down, yanking off her shoes and pants.

She parted Bert’s legs and stayed true to her word. Her tongue was soft but demanding as it lapped across her sensitive skin. Her slender fingers entered, knowing just where to touch to send her squirming against the black leather.  She came again, hard–her body a clenched fist as Valery stroked her insides, her tongue crushing against her aching clit.

Bert pulled her off, dragging her up to kiss her. They tangled themselves together to touch and squeeze and fuck anything they could find, breathing hot into one another’s faces. Bare, sweating skin crushed together. Tongues fought. Hands worked and breasts pressed, hard nipples dragging across soft skin.

They stopped only out of necessity. Their spirits were willing, but their bodies were sore and tired. Panting in their afterglow in the Nissan’s cramped back seat, they began to giggle. Which slowly grew into uproarious laughter.

“Fuck me,” Bert said with a sigh. “I didn’t expect my night to end like this.”

“End? It’s not even late.”

“Maybe not for you,” she said, sitting up and finding a half-empty water bottle. She took a drink and offered some to Valery. “But I’ve got a two hour drive to get home.”

“Oh please.” She drank. “You’re coming back with me.”

“I am?”

“Hell yes. I haven’t cum like that in…a while. And I want to do it a few more times before I leave. So let’s get dressed.” She leaned in and they kissed again. “And get back to my hotel.”

“Alright,” Bert grinned. “I’ll go as fast as I can.”


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