My Thoughts on F*ck Yes! A Newsletter for Consenting Adults

I don’t know, does one review a newsletter? Well, I suppose one does when it’s as thought-provoking, titillating, and informative as this one is. But since there’s no place to leave a review, per se, and this collection of thoughts wouldn’t fit on Twitter, here we are. With my thoughts.

What is “F*ck Yes! A Newsletter for Consenting Adults“? The name both says it all and doesn’t. It’s a newsletter for consenting adults and the title would suggest that the topics are sexual in nature. That’s both true and not true.

This isn’t a newsletter packed with erotica or sex tips or links to sexy websites/blogs. Though, all of those things exist in this tight bundle of words. It’s the brain and love child of two smart people who love each other very much and who know how to communicate to their community.

I’ve been a fan of Nikki’s I suppose since I’ve been on Twitter. I’ve supported her with my words and my money as early as I was able. It’s not just because she’s sexy or kind. She’s both of those things, but she’s also genuine. My Twitter persona and that of many others possess some sort of veneer. It’s just that, a persona. It’s meant to sell books or pictures or a lifestyle. With her, I’ve never gotten any of that.

In getting to know some about her relationship with Tristan, I’ve only got a shadow of knowledge about him. It’s enough to know that he’s also a very genuine and kind person. They are both interested in putting out a very sex-positive message both through sharing their kinks and their D/s lifestyle.

But as with their new newsletter, there’s so much more going on under the hood. Subscribe to this newsletter not just because you’ll get some of all of the above that I mentioned. Do it because in the process you’ll get to know these two people who are very much worth knowing. You’ll see them work on their relationship (the most recent one gives us Tristan’s thoughts on their new venture into the poly-world). You’ll come to understand what drives them to do things like #FetChat on Twitter. And on top of all of that, you’ll get the links, the smut, and who knows what else.

If you read the most recent issue, you’ll see that I was the sponsor. That’s right, I plunked down $50 of cash earned by pounding my keys to turn you on. I didn’t do that because I thought I’d earn it back. I did it because efforts like this, when they ask for seed money, are probably going to do something amazing with it. Not so much the money itself, but the time and drive that this support can provide them with. I believe in what they’re doing and I think you should check it out.

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